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CSSGMT: (2) 'TLC 2, WrestleMania 17' vs. (15) 'Eddie Guerrero v JBL, Judgement Day 2004'

"TLC 2, WrestleMania 17" takes on "Eddie Guerrero vs. JBL, Judgement Day 2004" in the latest match-up in the Cageside Seats Greatest Matches Tournament.

The Cageside Seats Greatest Matches Tournament continues today with a match-up pitting number two seed "TLC 2, WrestleMania 17" taking on number 15 seed "Eddie Guerrero vs. JBL, Judgement Day 2004."

In order to cast your vote, leave a comment and in the subject line make sure you adhere to the guidelines as follows. Remember, voting closes at midnight CT:

To vote TLC 2 simply write: Vote - TLC 2
To vote Guerrero-JBL simply write: Vote - Eddie vs. JBL

Before casting your vote you can check out a short synopsis, as well as watch both matches in order to refresh your memory.

TLC 2, WrestleMania 17

It worked so well the first time at SummerSlam 2000, the WWF decided doing it again just made sense. So they put Edge and Christian against The Dudley Boyz and The Hardy Boyz and let them tear the roof off.

That's exactly what they did. Again.

Eddie Guerrero vs. JBL, Judgement Day 2004

As Scott Keith would say, this is the match that broke the Muta Scale. Eddie bled all over the ring like a leaky faucet, to the point it became a bit uncomfortable for those watching at home.

I'm not sure JBL ever becomes a star if it weren't for Guerrero.

Updated bracket (click to enlarge):


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