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TNA 'Impact Wrestling' results and live blog for Oct. 11: The Bound for Glory go home show

TNA Impact Wrestling returns to Spike TV tonight (Oct. 11, 2012) we've got full results and a running live blog of the final televised event for the promotion before its big Bound for Glory pay-per-view event.

TNA Impact Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 11, 2012) from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida, featuring the go home show to the Bound for Glory pay-per-view scheduled to go down this coming Sunday night in Phoenix.

It's almost time.

TNA has lined up plenty of action, too, with matches already booked pitting James Storm vs. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy. The old double main event switch-a-roo.

Plus, Miss Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim, and appearances from AJ Styles and TV Champion Samoa Joe.

It all goes down tonight starting at 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV so remember to check back right here to follow along with the live blog as it all goes down.



Broadcast is live.

Hardy vs. Roode and Storm vs. Aries will go down tonight.


Austin Aries vs. James Storm

Lockup and Storm gets pressed into the corner.

Ref breaks. Lockup again and Aries with the hammerlock and side headlock takeover. Storm gets legscissors headlock and the action moves back to the feet.

Grappling scrambles ends up with Storm landing the hip toss and Aries goes outside to regroup. Back inside. Aries with a side headlock. Aries sent into the corner and floats over Storm. Nails Storm with a shoulder block. Aries starts running the ropes, but eats a sledgehammer by Aries.

The two go at it. Storm sent outside, but skins the cat. Aries slides to the outside. Storm tries a crossbody, but Aries goes back inside. He gets the suicide dive.

Aries with a hangman's neckbreaker on the second rope. Aries beating Storm down. Knee to the back and chinlock in. Storm gets out with a jawbreaker. Right hands from Storm and sends Aries into the corner. He eats a boot. Aries corners Storm and chops Storm in the gut. And another to chest. Storm reverses and lights up the chest of Aries.

Aries gets the better of it and lands a missile dropkick to the back of Storm's head for a nearfall. Storm whips Aries into the corner, but eats elbow. Storm slams Aries with a clothesline in the corner. Storm going for the ten punches to the head, but Aries turns it around and gets six of his own.

The two exchanging blows in the middle of the ring after Storm put Aries down briefly. Storm gets the better of it and goes for the Eye of the Storm. Aries reverses and gets a hangman's neckbreaker. Aries up top and wants a missile dropkick, but misses. Storm wants a Last Call, but Aries reverses and wants the Brainbuster.

Nope, the two get into a rollup predicament, but no nearfall either way. The two collide after Aries goes off the ropes. Both men down.

Bobby Roode here and slams Storm into the post while the ref is turned.

Aries back inside and gets the Brainbuster. Pin and victory to Aries.


Angle with Wes Brisco backstage. Wes wants to come to Phoenix and Angle allows it.

Styles and Angle bicker, as the Kaz and Daniels have Styles played. Angle says not to let them break this tag team up.


Hogan and Sting next.


Sting and Hogan here.

Hogan says that Aces and Eights have backed him in the corner. He says Sting is getting in the ring as he fights against Aces and Eights.

Sting says that he is upset Hogan can't be wrestling, but him and Bully will take care of the job.

Hogan said they had to make a deal with the devil.

Daniels and Kaz here. Daniels said it was a bad decision to pick the untrustworthy Bully and he wonders why he didn't pick his favorite tag team.

Kaz tells "Thunderlips" that if Hogan cancels their tag team title match, denies Bully's services, and hires Angle, Aces and Eights will surely fall.

Bully Ray here. He tells both of them to never talk about his brother again. He says Angle would have been a great choice, but this is gonna be a fight, not a wrestling match. He says if you want a fight, he is the guy to call. He says he doesn't need to be friends with Hogan and Sting to be their partner. He says they all want to get rid of Aces and Eights.

Bully says to earn Hogan's trust, he proposes Daniels and Kaz vs. himself and Sting.

The tag champs are upset, but that's gonna happen later.


AJ Styles vs. Hernandez

Hernandez charging at Styles, but he is able to scoot out. Leg kick by Styles. And another. Styles ducks under Hernandez's strikes and lands a right hand and a leg kick of his own.

Chavo distracting AJ. AJ attempts to rollup Hernandez, but nothing doing. Styles ends up getting an enzuigiri. Chavo again distracting Styles. Hernandez takes advantage and whips Styles hard into the corner. Hernandez with the power offense.

The two exchange offense and Styles ends up on top with a dropkick that sends Hernandez outside. He launches himself over the top with a slingshot crossbody.

Styles staring down Chavo.

He gets back in and wants the springboard forearm, but Hernandez ducks. Hernandez with a huge shoulder block that clocks Styles.

Hernandez gets the pin and victory.


Aces and Eights says that they are still in business with Hogan and that Mr. Parks is just fine.

They say that they are surprised that enemies and friends are uniting. Bully Ray was surprising to them.

The group is ready for BFG.


Zema Ion here.

He says that he is living proof being humble gets you nowhere. He says he has broken necks and arms to keep the X Division title. He says it is bittersweet since he has no opponent at BFG, having cleared out the division.

RVD is here.

RVD says he was talking to Hogan and he said he could wrestle anyone he chooses. He fakes Ion out with a punch, then hits him with a jumping spin kick.

RVD vs. Ion at BFG.


Hogan and Sting talking.

Hogan and Sting arguing over Bully.

Bully comes in and asks if Sting is ready.

Hogan tells Bully he isn't buying his con and he isn't trusting him. Bully says that he has proved it over and over. Hogan says that if Bully slips up tonight, it could be all over for him. Sting wants everyone on the same page. Bully says he won't let anyone down.

Sting and Bully exit.


Taryn Terrell and Brooke Hogan discussing the state of the Knockouts Division.

Tara tells Hogan that she has a list of demands for when she becomes champion. She wants her Hollywood boyfriend to feel comfortable.

Hogan rips the list and tells her that her boyfriend will need to make himself comfortable and she isn't even champion yet.


Christopher Daniels and Kaz vs. Sting and Bully Ray

Daniels and Bully start. Daniels with a kick and into the side headlock. Bully sends him off the rope and gets a shoulder block. Wants an elbow drop, but Daniels rolls out and points out how smart he is to the ground. He gets clotheslined and Bully hits him with a huge chop to the chest.

Bully puts a little more offense on and Sting in.

Sting unloading with a few clotheslines and only gets a nearfall.

Daniels kicks Sting and tags Kaz in. Kaz eats a hip toss and Sting roughs him up a but before bringing Bully in. Double hip toss from the team. Bully with a little power offense and gets the side suplex for a nearfall. Bully puts Kaz in his corner and unloads a chop to the chest. He does it again and Sting is in.

Bully puts Kaz down and Sting in with a suplex that gets a nearfall. Sting immediately tags out and sends Kaz into the ropes with a double clothesline.

Bully with a suplex of his own, then brings Sting back in. Kaz in the corner and he eats a Stinger Splash in the corner. Daniels crawling on the outside and pulls Kaz away, making Sting eat turnbuckle. Daniels crotches Sting on the ring post. The team working Sting on the outside, but Bully chases them with a steel chair.

Back inside and Daniels is the legal man. Kaz holds Sting in the corner and Daniels puts the boots to Sting. Daniels on the apron and tags Kaz in. Slingshot in for an elbow by Daniels, then a leg drop by Kaz for a nearfall.

Straightjacket choke in for Kaz. Sting slowly working out. Elbows and Sting off the ropes, only to eat spin kick. Daniels in and off the ropes with a boot to the face of Sting. Nearfall. Daniels drops Sting with a right hand. He goes up top, but Sting gorilla presses him to the floor. Double clotheslines.

Hot tags bring in Kaz and Bully.

Bully with punches and two back bodydrops. He whips Kaz into Daniels in the corner, then follows up with a splash. Samoan drop on Kaz gets a nearfall. Daniels with the save. Sting comes in to deal with him. Chaos ensues.

Action gets Sting and Bully in, but Daniels has the title belt. Bully warns Sting to get out of the way and gets a big boot. Kaz up top and Sting saves Bully with a clubbing forearm to the gut.


Bully gets the table. Sting puts Daniels up onto Bully's shoulders and he gets a powerbomb right through it.

Daniels and Kaz pick up the DQ victory, but the crowd cheers Bully and Sting.


Hardy had an interview earlier today.

Hardy says he will be give the "Creatures" what they are waiting for and get himself what he deserves.


Samoa Joe backstage.

He says he is ready to shut Magnus up at BFG.

Magnus comes up and says that the TV title will be his at BFG on Sunday. Joe says that they should do it tonight. Magnus says Joe will wait because he is a business man and he wants millions of people to pay for this matchup.

Or, you know, hundreds.


Gail Kim vs. Miss Tessmacher

Gail Kim unloads on Tess as soon as she comes off the turnbuckle from posing. Kicks, stomps, and choking Tess in the corner with her boot. Big splash by Gail. Uppercut from Gail and she is pummeling the downed champ.

Whipped into the corner and Tessmacher scoots out. She slams Gail's leg to the mat and gets a nice headscissors takeover. Stinkface coming, but Gail scoots outside. Gail takes advantage with a hangman's neckbreaker. Gail gets a nearfall.

Kim still in control inside the ring. Bodyslam. Knee to the ribs of Tessmacher. She is choking her with her boot. Clothesline by Kim and Tess rebounds off the ropes. Only a nearfall. Backbreaker by Gail Kim. Forearm and sends Tessmacher hard into the corner. Gail with a running side spear and she goes to the apron.

Back inside and Gail is able to drop Tessmacher. She gives Tessmacher a bit of a stinkface and taunts the champion. Tessmacher fights back and trips Gail as she comes off the ropes. Catapult and Tessmacher with a hard elbow. Kick to the stomach. Slaps into the corner.

Tess with her jumping forearm. She hits a Side Effect and is going up top. Gail Kim crotches her. Gail puts Tessmacher on her shoulders, but Tessmacher rolls her up. Only a nearfall.

Tessmacher charges for a headscissors, but Gail with a sitout powerbomb. Gail slowly makes her way up top. Tessmacher rolls away and boots Gail in the gut. She sets up a side suplex, but instead drops Gail forward.

Pinfall and win for Tessmacher.

Tara in and beating down Tess. Widow's Peak set up, but Tessmacher gets out. She lands that reverse side suplex on Tara.


Roode backstage.

He says he knows what Hardy is going through.

Storm comes in and says he knows Roode attacked him from behind. The two comes to blows and King Mo separates them, telling them to save it for Sunday.


Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy

Roode attacks Hardy on the outside as Hardy is working with the fans. Roode sends Hardy into the barricade twice. Punches Hardy to the ground.

Action goes back inside and the match officially starts. Roode unloading on Hardy in the corner. Stomping Hardy down. Hardy fighting out. He hits his jumping forearm. Atomic drop, leg drop to the crotch, and dropkick earns a nearfall for Hardy.

Hardy with a wristlock on Roode. Roode muscles him into the corner. He cheap shots Hardy and is now unloading with right hands. Hardy fights out, sends Roode into the corner, and hits a back bodydrop. Running clothesline sends Roode outside.

Roode trips Hardy up, but Hardy pushes Roode back into the guard rail. Slingshot crossbody to the outside by Hardy.

Both men down.

Hardy sends Roode into the barricade. Slams Roode's face into the mat.

Action back inside and Roode wants a timeout. Hardy pushes Roode into the corner and lights him up on strikes. Roode sends Hardy into the corner, but floats over. Roode sends him to the apron. Hardy with a shoulder block, but he comes back in and eats a huge clothesline from Roode.

Roode choking and pummeling a downed Hardy. Roode takes Hardy and throws him to the outside under the bottom rope. Roode moving outside and attempts a suplex. He doesn't get it and Hardy gets his own suplex.

Both men down as we go to break.

Roode standing and Hardy down in the ring as we get back from break.

Commercial actions shows both men brawling on the outside.

Roode has the front headlock in on Hardy. Hardy gets out with a few punches to the ribs, but he runs into an elbow. Roode sitting up top and gets a flying neckbreaker for a nearfall.

Hardy rolls to the outside. Roode slams his head into the steel steps.

Back inside and Roode with a swinging neckbreaker that only gets him a nearfall. Roode with a sleeper in. Ref checks to see if Hardy is awake. Arm drops twice, but Hardy still has life. Ramming Roode into the corner, but Roode still hangs on. Hardy finally drops down and Roode lands face-first into the turnbuckle.

Whisper in the Wind lands on Roode. Ref starts a count as both men are down.

Both men up and Hardy is able to get a few rights. Step-over kick and he gets a nearfall in Roode. Hardy whipped into the corner and brings the knees up as Roode runs into them. Hardy up top and gets a splash, but only gets a nearfall.

Back to our feet and Roode with a spinebuster that only gets a nearfall. Roode puts Hardy up top and wants a superplex. Hardy punching the ribs and is able to put Roode down.

Swanton up and misses.

Roode with a huge spear. Hardy barely kicks out.

Roode going for the fisherman's suplex. Hardy kicks out and gets the Twist of Fate. Hardy wants another, but as soon as he turns around, Roode gets the low blow.

Hardy with a DQ victory.

Roode bringing in a steel chair. Ref trying to take it away. Roode about to swing, but the ref takes it out of his hands.

Hardy with a Twist of Fate.

Aries out and says he has some things to say. Aries says he isn't gonna go with the sheet tells him to say. He says since he won the title, he has been told what to do day in and day out. Aries says he is done with that crap. Aries says that he isn't jealous of what Hardy has.

Aries says he isn't jealous of his rap sheet. He says he isn't jealous that Hardy is near crippled and can't play with his little girl. He says that everyone caters to Hardy. He says he works best when he is working against the system. He says he will not fail at BFG and the only loser Hardy will see is the man he sees in the mirrors.

Hardy says that he hurts all over, but he will take Aries on at BFG.

Aries tells Hardy to get his adulation from his fans and leave.

Hardy poses and goes out, but Aries kicks the ropes. He hits the Brainbuster.

Aries stands tall as we fade to black.


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