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WWE '13 official trailer featuring CM Punk telling you to 'live the revolution'

CM Punk wants you to live the revolution by purchasing the WWE '13 video game, where you can go back to the Attitude Era with superstars from yesterday and today.

"Live the revolution!"

That's what WWE Champion CM Punk tells you to do in the official trailer for the WWE '13 video game, which is getting closer and closer to its Oct. 30, 2012, release date (though pre-orders are available now).

I like the promo and think the idea is great but I'm left underwhelmed with the execution. Punk is one of the best in the world right now with a microphone in front of him but his voice doesn't project well. Having him attempt to give a booming speech to a wide audience like this doesn't work because of that.

Still, it's visually pleasing and the trailer isn't what matters, it's the game. And by all accounts, the game is about as kick-ass as it gets.

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