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WWE names the top 50 good guys in pro wrestling history

Who are the top 50 'Good Guys' in pro wrestling history? WWE takes its best guess.

John McKeon

If you've been around long enough, you know we here at Cageside Seats are blithering marks for countdown style lists. The subject matter hardly affects our enjoyment but it's nice when we stumble across something worth getting up for.

Like and its recent list of The Top 50 Good Guys in Pro Wrestling History.

Here's the criteria they came up with when attempting to single out so many top babyfaces in the long and illustrious history of the industry:

In compiling our list of the 50 greatest good guys in sports-entertainment history, WWE Classics extended our gaze beyond WWE history, paying specific attention to local heroes who made an impact in smaller territories across the country in the days before television. Popularity was important, but so was character - there was a special place on this list for those who never strayed far from the path of righteousness. More than anything, though, we were just looking for heroes, those inspiring competitors worthy of being enshrined on a tattered poster on a kid's bedroom wall.

Fair enough. Let's jump right in.

50. Diamond Dallas Page
49. Rocky Johnson
48. Bob Armstrong
47. Trish Stratus
46. Danny Hodge
45. Tommy Dreamer
44. Pedro Morales
43. Kofi Kingston
42. Ivan Putski
41. Tommy Rich
40. Lex Luger
39. Wahoo McDaniel
38. Eddie Guerrero
37. Antonino Rocco
36. Mr. Wrestling II
35. Jerry Lawler
34. Tito Santana
33. Verne Gagne
32. Rob Van Dam
31. Chief Jay Strongbow
30. Jack Brisco
29. Hacksaw Jim Duggan
28. Bob Backlund
27. Mil Mascaras
26. The Road Warriors
25. Bobo Brazil
24. Shawn Michaels
23. The Crusher and The Bruiser
22. Jimmy Snuka
21. Goldberg
20. Mankind
19. Macho Man Randy Savage
18. Magnum TA
17. Ultimate Warrior
16. Jeff Hardy
15. Andre the Giant
14. The Rock 'N' Roll Express
13. The Junkyard Dog
12. Undertaker
11. The Von Erichs
10. Rey Mysterio
9. Ricky Steamboat
8. The Rock
7. Dusty Rhodes
6. Bret Hart
5. Sting
4. John Cena
3. Stone Cold Steve Austin
2. Hulk Hogan
1. Bruno Sammartino

I'm surprisingly fine with this list, though I wouldn't put it past WWE to put Sammartino at number one as a way to butter him up a bit because they want him for the Hall of Fame next year and haven't been able to land him. It seems petty, but let's remember who we're dealing with.

How's the list look to you, Cagesiders?

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