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WWE 'Raw' results and live blog for Oct. 1: The Ryback Attack

WWE Monday Night Raw is back tonight (Oct. 1) in Oklahoma City and with John Cena out of action, CM Punk has his sights set on The Ryback. Or maybe it's the other way around.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 1, 2012) from the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, featuring all the continued build to the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (PPV) that is just four weeks away.

John Cena is no longer advertised to appear at the show but that doesn't mean WWE Champion CM Punk doesn't have anything to do. No, he's got his hands full with The Ryback.


Elsewhere, Raw General Manager AJ Lee hasn't actually given an answer to Paul Heyman's marriage proposal. Perhaps it comes tonight? Or was that monster slap all the answer there will be?


Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Nolan in.

Cena-Punk-Foley dilemma recapped in a video package.

Broadcast is live.

CM Punk is in the building, folks. Of course, Mr. Paul E. Dangerously, Paul Heyman joins him.

Punk says Cena attacked him with a pipe last week while his back was turned. Punk says that is noble in OK City, but not Chicago. Punk says he was looking for a doctor when he ran into Mick Foley, who looked at him disrespectfully. He says Foley was being a coward by muttering under his breathe.

Punk says he needed to put Foley in place and show that he is WWE champion.

He asks why Foley didn't say anything derogatory to The Rock, Cena, and Stone Cold. He says that he wishes Mrs. Foley had taught her baby boy some manners. He said that he thought about some of Foley's words.

He says he will not face Cena at Hell in a Cell.

Heyman wants to move on to more relevant business, showing his proposal to Raw GM AJ Lee last week.

He points out that AJ never said "no," but that she violated a rule of the WWE Board of Directors. He reads a notice from the company stating that AJ was never to touch another superstar.

Heyman and Punk want to make a move to relieve AJ of her duties. Heyman says that he would willingly take that job.

Vickie Guerrero begs to differ. Her and Dolph enter.

She says she has suffered at the hands of AJ Lee and deserves the GM spot.

Cue the replay of their cat fight.

Heyman says that this doesn't have anything to do with Vickie Guerrero. Guerrero says that she is "THE" Vickie Guerrero and her client, Dolph Ziggler, will soon be World Heavyweight champion.

The two bicker, but Ziggler has a proposal. He asks Heyman about the power that the two would have as co-general managers. The groups deliberate.

AJ Lee is here and skipping!

AJ says that she is on probation by the WWE Board of Directors. She says she knows that she wasn't supposed to lay a hand on another superstar, but she thought an excuse could be made for Heyman.

Anywho, AJ says she now has an executive coach.

Daniel Bryan appears!

He says that he has come out here to apologize that AJ's mental issues were egged on by him dumping her. Bryan says he can't blame her, as he is "one hell of a catch."




And he begins to state that he is the "tag team champions."

A wild Kane appears.

Kane says that everyone has forgot to mention that AJ is a terrific kisser. Kane says that everything Bryan said was true, except for the fact that he is the "tag team champions."

And the two start bickering.

And Punk and Ziggler raise their respective trinkets.

AJ asking for them to stop it, then throws a hissy fit screaming for them to stop. She says that probation or not, what she says goes.

CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler will be facing Team Hell No.


There will be a world championship debate between Sheamus and Big Show.


Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara will be tagging up next in the #1 Contenders Tag Team Tournament.


#1 Contenders Tag Team Tournament: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Primo & Epico

Sin Cara and Epico start.

The two exchange rollup nearfalls. Epico with a kick to the stomach, but Sin Cara comes back with his handspring back elbow. Nearfall.

Sin Cara off the ropes again, but he eats Epico's elbow. Nearfall again.

Primo brought in and a punch to the ribs of Cara. Chops him and stomps a mudhole in the corner. Primo with a headlock, but Sin Cara with leg kicks. Primo stops this with a punch. Cara off the ropes and he gets the headscissors. Sin Cara with his flying arm drag.

Mysterio in and the team-assisted head scissors land.

Primo and Epico are sent outside by the luchadores.

Prime Time Players appear and have folding chairs. They take a seat on the stage as we go to break.

Back and Sin Cara in with a crossbody on Epico. Sin Cara off the ropes and lands a dropkick. Sin Cara charges a cornered Epico, but eats an elbow. Sin Cara with a springboard attack, but Epico dropkicks his stomach. Nearfall.

Epico roughs up Sin Cara and brings in Primo. Primo with knee drops and punches. Primo going for a powerbomb, but Sin Cara rolls through for a nearfall.

Epico back in and Sin Cara sent off the ropes. Tilt-a-whirl DDT from Sin Cara.

Hot tag and Mysterio and Primo are in. Headscissors by Mysterio. He thwarts a back bodydrop attempt with a kick to the mush of Primo. He slides under Primo and gets a trip. Kick to the head and Mysterio gets a nearfall.

Mysterio up top and lands the seated senton. Tilt-a-whirl reverse DDT for Mysterio.

All hell has broken loose and the two teams collide. Primo and Epico end up on the wrong end of a double 619. Mysterio and Sin Cara go up top and Mysterio pushes Cara into a flying crossbody on Epico on the outside.

Mysterio up top and the flying headbutt lands on Primo. Pinfall and victory to los luchadores!


Brodus Clay vs. Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro puts Clay into the corner, but that doesn't last long as Clay reverses it and gets strikes. Suplex and elbow drop from Clay.

Cesaro moves to the apron and gets a hangman's neckbreaker on Clay. Off the ropes and he eats a headbutt from Clay. Clay going for the T-bone suplex, but Cesaro gets out.

Cesaro hits a springboard European uppercut.

Cesaro hits the Gotch Neutralizer on Clay.

Pinfall and victory to Cesaro.


Kaitlyn backstage.

AJ comes with her executive coach, Christopher J. Stevenson.

AJ says that her decision making is under scrutiny, but regardless, she sees Kaitlyn is ready to go.

Kaitlyn says she almost is and AJ says she'll give her a match next week.

AJ starts talking about how sorry she is for abandoning her former BFF for Daniel Bryan and her GM position. She begins to laugh hysterically, replying that she isn't really sorry at all. She skips away.

Kaitlyn and the executive coach share an awkward moment.


The Miz vs. Zack Ryder

Ryder fistpuming.

Wristlock from Miz, into a side headlock. He goes off the ropes and gets a shoulder block. Rope running and Ryder with a flapjack and a dropkick.

Ryder charges a cornered Miz and eats a boot. Miz stomping Ryder. Kick to the face for a nearfall for Miz.

Miz with a knee to the back and gets the sleeper. Ryder fighting out, but Miz stops it with a knee to the stomach. Miz sets up for a back bodydrop, but eats a facebuster. Miz charges a cornered Ryder and eats knees. Missile dropkick and flying forearm in the corner by Ryder.

Broski Boot connects, but only gets a nearfall.

Ryder wants the Rough Ryder. He gets picked up and powerbombed into the corner by Miz.

Skull-Crushing Finale and Miz gets the victory.


Champion debate between Sheamus and Big Show next. Moderated by Booker T.


Booker T here.

He gives us the intros for both men and they enter.

Opening statements.

Show says this is ridiculous. He says he'll be winning the title at Hell in a Cell, and he'll rip his leg off if he tries to Brogue Kick him.

Sheamus introduces himself and gets a cheap pop. He asks his opponent not to rip his leg off so he can kick his teeth in.

First question: "What do you both find as the most challenging aspect of your opponent?"

Sheamus says he has been a fighter for his entire life and he is looking forward to this fight. He says he has never faced a bigger superstar than Show. He says that he might have B.O. and bad breathe, but he hopes this lasts more than 45 seconds.

Show says that he smells very good and that Sheamus needs to stop being a funny guy.

Second question: "More dangerous move? WMD or Brogue Kick?"

Show says to ask Cena and Orton which is more dangerous.

Sheamus says that he hasn't KO'd Daniel Bryan, as he beat Show in 45 seconds.

Show says that Sheamus needs to stop being a funny guy. He breaks his podium.

Show wants to get serious and Sheamus shows a Tout from his "cousin," "Rey Mysterio O'Sullivan." He babbles some nonsense that no one cares about.

Show says that this needs to get serious. Sheamus asks about Bryan and how Show thinks he can beat him if he couldn't beat Bryan, a man he beat in 18 seconds?

Mics drop and the two staredown. Show takes off his sports coat and Sheamus takes off his shirt. The two still staring.

Big Show just turns tail and leaves.


Ryback next.


Tensai vs. Ryback

Lockup and Ryback with the side headlock. Ryback off the ropes and Tensai sends him down with a shoulder block.

Ryback back up and smiling. Tensai unloads with more strikes. He attempts to whip Ryback, but Ryback whips him into the corner. Tensai out with a forearm and Ryback gets him in a choke. Tensai out and off the ropes, but he eats a powerslam.

Ryback wants a belly-to-belly. Tensai out.

Ryback puts him down with lariat.


Ryback tries to pick up Tensai...and drops him.

Again...and he drops him.

Audible in the finish and Ryback gets a lariat for the pinfall and victory.

Hahahahaha, that's all.


Sandow and Rhodes discussing backstage.

They dissect the disgusting debate that just happened, with Sandow upset that Sheamus didn't wear pants.



Eve vs. Beth Phoenix

Eve trying to talk it out with Beth. She wants the handshake.

Phoenix shakes the hand and pulls Eve into a double-leg. Beth slams Eve into the corner and stomping a mudhole. Beth charges into Eve, but eats a ring post with her shoulder.

Action moves outside and Eve slams Beth against the barricade. She slams her against the apron. She pulls Beth down by her hair and sends her into the barricade once again.

Ref is at 8.

Beth in.

Beth gets an inverted atomic drop and a running sledgehammer that gets a nearfall. Forearms from Phoenix and she gets an elbow that sends Eve cowering near the ropes.

Eve playing possum and gets the neckbreaker. Pinfall and victory to Eve.


AJ walking around with her executive coach.

Wade Barrett is introduced to the coach and why AJ has him.

Wade says that he is glad someone is here to teach AJ how to do her job. He says that she is so all over the place and lets personal relationships get in the way of everything.

He heads off and AJ looking crazy.

She tells the executive coach that she thinks he is intimidated.


Santino Marella vs. Heath Slater (w/Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre)

Pose down between Santino and Slater.

Marella with a side headlock and shoulder block that just wobbles Slater.

Slater off the ropes with a shoulder block that glances.

Slater knocks Santino down with an elbow. Slater knocking Santino down with a punch for a nearfall. Sleeper hold in for Slater. Santino fights out, but Slater with a heel kick for a nearfall.

Santino being choked on the middle rope by Slater. Body slam by Slater and he is going up top. He comes down into a boot. Slater charging a cornered Santino and Santino mvoes.

Jabs, hip toss, headbutt.

Cobra next.

It hits and Mahal and McIntyre charge in to give Santino the victory.

All three men put the boots to Santino.

Slater with the mic after all three land their finishers on Santino. They all state that they are here to stay and pose in the ring.


Sheamus vs. Damien Sandow

Cody Rhodes accompanies him and is on commentary.

Lockup and Sheamus puts Sandow on the ropes. Sandow scoots away. Lockup again and Sandow presses Sheamus into the corner. Sandow hides behind the ref and gets an arm lock, but Sheamus fights out.

Kick to the gut of Sheamus and Sandow gets a hammerlock into a side headlock. Headlock takeover and Sandow wrenching it. Sheamus sends him into the ropes and shoulder blocks Sandow. Sheamus with a knee to the gut and pulling the beard.

Sandow heads outside and wants a break.

His break coincides with a commercial break.

Back in and Sandow goes outside. Sheamus chases and Sandow goes to the crowd. Cody Rhodes tries to jump in, but Sheamus scares him off. Sandow darts over the barricade and pops Sheamus.

Back inside and a nearfall for Sandow. Sandow dropping knee after knee and gets another nearfall. Neck crank with the arm in here by Sandow.

Sheamus out with a headbutt and goes off the ropes, but Sandow with a running knee to the gut. Clothesline and he gets a nearfall.

Sandow puts Sheamus in the corner and shoulder blocking him in the stomach. Snapemare and Sandow with forearms to the chest into a sleeper.

Sheamus fights out, but eats a kick to the gut. Knees to the sternum and Russian leg sweep. The Elbow of Disdain gets Sandow a nearfall.

Sandow bringing Sheamus' head to the apron. He drops the elbow pad and cracks Sheamus with it. Back inside and another nearfall. Sleeper in again.

Sheamus once again out and sends Sandow into the ropes. Back bodydrop by Sheamus stopped by a kick to the face. Sandow with a drop toehold into the ropes and Sandow with a running bump for a nearfall. Headscissors choke around the neck of Sheamus.

Sheamus out and he clobbers Sandow with the boots. Going up top, but Sandow clobbers Sheamus off the top. Stomps and Sandow and Sheamus exchanging in the middle of the ring. Sandow off the ropes and gets a running boot for a nearfall. Sandow again with the sleeper.

Sheamus out and Sandow sent into the ropes. He stops himself and Sheamus charges, only to get back bodydropped to the outside. Sandow brings Sheamus in for a nearfall. Hooks the leg again, but another nearfall. Sandow grinding with the sleeper.

Sheamus gets out with the side suplex. Both men down. Both men up and Sheamus with the sledgehammers. Sandow in the corner and Sheamus charges with a shoulder to the gut. Running knee lift to Sandow. Sheamus hits the roll-through fireman's carry slam.

Sandow goes out to the apron and Sheamus follows, only to eat a hangman's neckbreaker. Sandow with a rolling neckbreaker that gets him a nearfall. Sandow working Sheamus in the corner and charges, but eats two boots. Sheamus skins the cat to the top and lands the battering ram. Nearfall!

Sheamus looking for White Noise, but Sandow gets out. Brogue Kick is ducked under and Sandow on the apron.

Sheamus gets the ten forearms to the chest of Sandow.

Sandow on the outside. Sheamus goes to get Sandow, and Rhodes charges. Sheamus sends him into the announce table. Sheamus rolls both men inside.

Double Brogue Kick.

Sheamus gets the pin and nearfall on our martyr.

This is Sandow's best work to date in the ring.


J.R. Appreciation moment.

J.R. to the ring and Michael asks how he feels.

CM Punk here with Paul Heyman.

He tells Cole to get out of his ring. Punk eggs on the crowd, telling them to show their spirit. Punk says that he wants a "J.R.!" chant.

Punk tells J.R. that he is the best announcer he has and he respects him. He says the crowd should shower J.R. with respect, but they don't know anything about respect.

He says that he is the best in the world and that the fans really turned their back on him. Punk says that J.R. is gonna teach these fans respect by telling them that he is the best in the world.

J.R. says he is glad Punk didn't come out here to embarrass him, because he has made a jackass out of himself the past couple of weeks.

Punk says that he is disappointed and that he didn't show him the respect he gave him. Punk says that he hopes J.R. understands this situation. He asks what will happen if he shows the same disrespect to Foley.

Punk asks if Austin will be helping J.R. out.

"STONE COLD!" He repeats that over and over.

He says 3:16 only means 316 days of his title reign. Punk asks when JR became a tough guy, with his John Wayne hat and Stone Cold goatee. Punk says that J.R. will say it if he knows what is good for him.

J.R. says that he has called Wrestlemania after Wrestlemania and that all of the legends he has called for didn't ask to be called the best in the world, they earned it. He says that to prove to him he is the best, he needs to accept Cena's challenge. He says he would be first in line to tell him that he is the best in the world if that happens.

Punk takes off the hoodie and knocks JR's hat to the ground. He then stomps on it. He says that he won't back down from any fights. He gets some cheap heat on the OKC Thunder.

Punk says that they are in the squared circle. He says this is where they fight. He says that J.R. had better run, or he will knock him out. He can either put them up or leave.

JR goes to leave.

Punk grabs him and tells him that he isn't going to allow him leave without asking Punk how and where to leave. He tells JR that he will not be doing commentary and he needs to go up the ramp with his head down.

JR goes to the ramp.

Punk tells JR that he is a joke and not a man.

Ryback enters.

JR and him stand side-by-side. Heyman moves to ringside.

The two stare down inside the ring.

Punk moves to the apron and heads back.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston

Leg kick and suplex for ADR.

Kofi reverses the momentum and sends ADR to the outside. Springboard crossbody to the outside by Kofi as we go to break.

ADR with the abdominal stretch as we get back. Digging the knuckles into the ribs of Kofi. Kofi with a judo throw to get out. ADR is sent down with a double chop to the chest. And another. Dropkick and a flying forearm.

Boom Drop lands.

Trouble in Paradise is ducked under and ADR pushes him to the corner. Pendulum kick in the corner by Kofi. Kofi going up top for the crossbody, but he eats canvas.

ADR works on Kofi and he gets the Cross Armbreaker. Kofi taps. ADR wins.


AJ with her executive coach.

He is coaching her, telling her that she needs to be able to apologize to be a successful executive.

AJ says that she doesn't need a coach and that he will be the special referee in the main event.


Team Hell No vs. Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk

AJ is your special ref.

Kane and Ziggler start off. Ziggler with the side headlock. Kane with a shoulder block. He works Ziggler int he corner. Kane working over and an elbow drop for a nearfall.

Kane reaching over to tag Bryan...and no. Kane throws Ziggler into the corner, but Ziggler scoots out. Kane lifts Ziggler into the air and he falls to floor. Ziggler clotheslined to the outside.


Ziggler in with Kane and sleeper is in. Kane out by slamming Ziggler into the corner. Dropkick from Ziggler gets him a nearfall. Ziggler talks to Bryan, but Kane decided to beat him down in the corner.

Bryan in. Kane whips Bryan into Ziggler for a dropkick for a nearfall.

Bryan tags in Kane. Snapmare and Kane with the dropkick.

Ziggler gets Punk in and he hits the flying knee on a cornered Kane. And he gets another. Bulldog gets Punk pushed out and Kane with a sidewalk slam for a nearfall. Kane going up top. He lands the flying clothesline.

Kane wants the chokeslam.

And Bryan tags himself in.

Bryan up top and comes down into a dropkick. Punk choking Bryan in the corner. Rope-running predicament gets Bryan a clothesline. Thai kicks to the chest and Bryan going for the head kick, but Punk shoves him away. Bryan knocks Ziggler down off the apron.

Punk with a headkick for a nearfall.

Ziggler in and he gets a dropkick that sends Bryan to the outside. Ziggler goes out and slams him into the barricade. He does it once again. Action moves back inside for a nearfall for Ziggler.

Sleeper in for Ziggler.

Bryan gets out and Ziggler tags in Punk.

Punk beats Bryan down and goes up top for the elbow drop.

Bryan crotches him and goes up top. Tiger bomb of sorts from the top rope. "YES!" lock in.

Punk gets his foot on the rope with an assist from Heyman.

AJ sends him to the showers. Vickie gets up and protests this, but she gets thrown out, too. Punk crawling for the tag, but Ziggler goes backstage with Vickie.

Bryan with a dropkick on Punk.

Kane in.

Chokeslam and pin to Team Hell No.

Team Hell No bickers as we go to black.


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