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WWE Week in 90 seconds video: Chris Jericho's return, Kane wants Zack Ryder, Daniel Bryan is awesome

Apologies for the extremely slow day, Cagesiders, as we're in a bit of transition period on weekends. Please bear with us, all will be normal during the week again.

Above is the video of the WWE "Week in 90 Seconds," in which the promotion takes us through the last seven days of action spanning Raw and Smackdown.

The lead story, of course, is Chris Jericho's big return, which sparked a ton of debate online. No doubt that was partially the point but it's difficult to deny the performance art we witnessed last Monday night. The problem is WWE conditioned most of its fan to expect a payoff RIGHT NOW and when they don't get it, it leads to disasters like this.

Not pretty, folks.

Also notable on Raw was Kane coming up through the ring to attack John Cena. That's before he decided he wanted to drag poor little Zack Ryder into his hole and have his way with him. Thankfully, SuperCena made the save or there's no telling how spiked Ryder's hair would be right now.

Finally, Daniel Bryan kept being ... well ... Daniel Bryan, when he got all crafty and caused Mark Henry to shove him to earn him a disqualification win over Big Show that kept the world heavyweight championship wrapped firmly around his waist. He's slowly turning heel with this new gimmick and the suit fits him nicely.

That's all for this week. Raw is tomorrow night and with that, the start of a new and hopefully much better week for the WWE. We'll be here as usual with our live blog and all the other good stuff, so be sure to join us.

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