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Chris Jericho returns to WWE house shows ... with his light up jacket

Good news, Cagesiders. Chris Jericho is back on the WWE house show circuit on the Raw brand and he's still wearing the LED jacket that he stole our hearts with during his re-re-debut this past Monday night.

You can see in the picture above Jericho wearing the jacket and being confronted by Otunga. The angle they were running was a tad goofy but it kept the storyline going. From the Wrestling Observer:

Chris Jericho arrives in his flashing jacket in his entrance. He grabs the mic, but David Otunga comes out and tells Jericho to leave cause his jacket causes seizures. Says he will be arrested if he doesn't take off the jacket. Jericho takes off the jacket, hits Otunga on the head with the mic and does the Walls of Jericho as Otunga taps and Jericho then poses with the fans.

Again, a little silly but Otunga is the perfect guy to do such a thing with and I can only imagine Jericho's delivery during a sequence like that.

The good news coming out of this is that the jacket is apparently going to be a staple of Jericho's new character, or at least we can assume as much. We can't know for sure, of course, but we'll all be tuned into Raw next Monday night to find out.

For what it's worth, WWE is promoting Jericho's wacky return by stating he was simply speechless from the overwhelming response from fans. It sounds as though they want fans to believe he'll talk next week but we'll see if that's actually what happens. I can see him pitching the idea to keep the silent troll gimmick going to milk the angle for all it's worth.

Either way, Raw should be interesting.

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