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WWE promotes Chris Jericho's epic troll job as his being caught 'speechless' by fan reception (Video)

If you were wondering how WWE would handle promoting Chris Jericho in the wake of his epic troll job during his return last week on Raw, well, here's the promo making the rounds for next Monday night's episode.

The text from the video:

"The prophecy fulfilled. Chris Jericho has returned. After an overwhelming homecoming reception, Y2J was left speechless. This Monday, what will Chris Jericho have in store for the WWE Universe?"

It's interesting that they would say Jericho didn't talk because he was rendered speechless by the reception he got from the fans. Because that's just not true. Not that they should be telling us the truth at all times but he was running around screaming, "OH YEAH BAY-BAY, COME ON, YEAH!"

That's hardly speechless.

Of course, he also did this hilariously awesome backstage interview in which he let his LED jacket speak for him. That's the bigger question, at this point. We know Jericho will be at Raw but will the jacket?

We shall see.

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