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The Indie Corner: Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow, Match #4, Pinkie Sanchez vs. The Pitboss

via <a href="" target="new">Beyond Wrestlong on Facebook</a>
via Beyond Wrestlong on Facebook

The fourth and final first round match in Beyond Wrestling's Tournament for Tomorrow (TFT) pits one of my favorite unsung indie guys, Pinkie Sanchez, against a relative unknown to me, The Pitboss. About all I know about the latter is he did run ins on both About Time and in the last TFT match, Sugar Dunkerton vs. Johnny Mangue.

Turns out that he's one of the greener guys on the Beyond roster, since the pre-match brawling on the outside of the ring basically saw him flail like he was Mason Ryan. The difference? Well, Pitboss isn't in the biggest wrestling company in the world. One might expect an unfamiliar guy working in a low-level independent wrestling company not to be Bryan Danielson. Ah well.

He got better later on, but it was clear Pinkie had to have his carrying shoes on. There's a really cool spot before the bell where Pitboss is charging at Pinkie to punch him, and Pinkie opens the freezer door to stop him. Brilliant. I also loved that there is an overarching story in this tournament, that it isn't just a bunch of one-off matches. That's smart, drawing the crowd in with the promise of ACH and AR Fox and other insanely gifted wrestlers and give them a reason to stick around.

Check out the match after the jump.

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