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Kevin Nash challenges Ultimate Warrior to MMA fight the night before WrestleMania 28

While Kevin Nash is out of action after surgery on his nose thanks to those vicious sledgehammer shots from Triple H (wink, wink), he's been on Twitter both reading and responding to critics of his latest run in WWE.

The biggest of which has been Ultimate Warrior.

When asked by a fan why he doesn't ever dye his hair and make one more nostalgia run in WWE like Nash did, Warrior responded by saying he's "not a d*ckhead who thrives on stealing the limelight from young guys."

Nash, of course, took exception to this and laid out a hefty challenge while absolutely dropping bombs:

"Never realized I had a problem with Jim (Warrior). Seemed to get along fine in Scottsdale. Come on my clown, turn that frown upside down. @UltimateWarrior: A true warrior never turns down a challenge. Put up 100K. I'll do the same. 3 rounds. MMA rules. Winner take all. I'm talking shoot, not sports entertainment. Jim Hellwig needs to put up or shut the f*ck up. Day before Mania in Miami area. Warrior will have to pass all HIV and HEP A, B and C tests. I'll do the same. I'm tired of this guy talking sh*t about the boys and me. When they stop it or you tap, I'll quit, or you can apologize like the c*nt you are. @UltimateWarrior You should watch your mouth, you know you're a bitch. You want nothing to do with me. You ran out of your gym to avoid me. @UltimateWarrior You want to go p*ssy name the place and time. If not shut your d*ck sucker and forget my name. Bitch make me 100K richer. I knew i would get no response because i know Jim Hellwig. In the future when my name comes up pass Jim, p*ss."

Sh*t just got real.

Actually, considering the source, we can be about 99-percent certain he's just working an angle and doing what Kevin Nash does, which is figuring a way to make money out of a situation that presents even the most remote possibility of doing so. The chances this ever comes to fruition are somewhere between slim and none, and I'm not entirely sure anyone would pay to see it even if we could buy that it would be a shoot fight, which we never could.

Plus, we can be fairly certain Warrior's roid strength is superior to Nash's, anyway. Not to mention, Warrior still actually has two knees that operate properly, as opposed to Nash, who walks like he just emerged from an 18-car pile up.

If we were operating under the assumption that this is legit and these two were actually going to get together and scrap, who would you take, Cagesiders? Kevin Nash or Ultimate Warrior?

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