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[Possible spoilers] - Sting's TNA injury probably not as serious as originally feared

Sting looks to have dodged a serious injury bullet at TNA's London TV tapings over the weekend.  Photo via <a href=""></a>.
Sting looks to have dodged a serious injury bullet at TNA's London TV tapings over the weekend. Photo via

Unfortunately due to our in depth coverage of WWE's second biggest pay-per-view of the year, their Royal Rumble, we've been slow to update you with the goings on of their main competitor TNA. The biggest news from their highly successful and well received London television tapings was that the legendary Sting, who made the trip to the UK for the first time in over a decade, was injured in the main event for the February 9th edition of Impact. Towards the end of the tag team match of Sting and James Storm vs. Bobby Roode and Bully Ray, the Stinger suffered what was believed to be a blown heel after taking a spinebuster at the hands of Roode. Sting managed to complete the match, but told fans afterwards that he felt something pop in his heel, so he hoped that wouldn't stop him from returning to wrestle for the British fans again in the future. As scheduled, he brawled to the back in a very cautious fashion with Ray to leave the stage set for Hulk Hogan to save Storm from a three on one beatdown from Roode, Kurt Angle and the returning Bully in an angle that doesn't sound like it will be on TV. Footage of this post match segment can be seen in the last video of this earlier post about Hogan's recent appearance on American Dad.

Sting's injury was initially feared to be a torn Achilles tendon, which at almost 53 years of age would have been pretty much a career ender. Thankfully, that prognosis seems to have been a bit premature. Though he has yet to see a doctor regarding the injury, Sting shortly afterwards was downplaying its severity on Twitter:

Sorry for not tweeting til now...Although i couldn't finish the way you all deserved last night I believe my injury is not serious..

@teamcullens24 yeah- just limping along- agai, I don't believe it is serious. It really did limit me last night

@tnafanforever update soon- I don't think it is serious

Thanks to for their speedy updates to this story. Once we get word of the true diagnosis we'll pass it along to you Cagesiders and we'll also have full spoilers from the London tapings up soon.

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