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Booker T book 'From Prison to Promise' set for September 2012 release

The five time (count 'em: five time, five time, five time, five time, five time) WCW champion Booker T is coming out with his very own book.

The autobiography, written with Andrew William Wright, will detail Booker (real name Robert Huffman) growing up and his various travels and hardships to get to the world of professional wrestling. From Medallion Media Group:

Booker T: From Prison to Promise details Huffman's struggles from his youngest years. Losing his father at only ten months and his mother at only thirteen years old, Booker was forced along with his seven siblings to navigate life alone. Wrestling with hunger, poverty, and criminal influences, he struggled to survive in urban Houston and soon spiraled out of control, gravitating toward gang life and ultimately landing in prison.

Finally confronting himself while incarcerated, Booker made a promise to rise above crime and hopelessness to accomplish greater things and become an agent of change in his community. From anonymity to stardom, from rags to riches, Booker T takes us on his journey From Prison to Promise . . . Now can you dig that, SUCKA?

We can definitely dig that.

The hardcover book will retail for $24.95 U.S. and is set for a Sept. 2012 release date. It will be interesting to see how well the book sells considering it's going to cover his early life before pro wrestling as opposed to his time in WCW and WWE. His story is a compelling one, though, that should reach out to a larger audience beyond folks like you and I.

Anyone plan on picking up a copy once it hits stores?

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