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WWE Royal Rumble results: Kharma returns as surprise entrant in match

There were quite a few superstars who entered the Royal Rumble match last night (Sun., Jan. 29, 2012) that qualify for the "surprise" distinction.

But none bigger than the return of Kharma.

The Diva who tore through the women's division before she had to bail on the company back on May 23, 2011, due to a pregnancy, made her return to the ring a memorable one as she was entry number 21 in the Rumble match. Not only that, she scared poor Michael Cole senseless, leading to his elimination, before delivering an incredible Implant Buster on Dolph Ziggler that looked as good as anything else during the entire pay-per-view.

She even eliminated Hunico.

It appeared she landed a tad awkward when she was eliminated by Ziggler, who got to toss her out for taking a big move from her, but she walked out okay.

Kharma is back, Cagesiders. Will the Divas finally get some respect now?

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