Jericho's Return and the Commentary of it A Complete Embarrassment

Geno Mrosko wrote an article about how Chris Jericho's non-promo promo was brilliant. To quote the Miz, "Really?". I'm sure I'm not alone but I thought the segment was awful. Terrible. Dog gone pathetic. To hear marks call it brilliant shows just how out of touch, cynical, and sheepish certain fans are. Excuse me, marks. Chris Jericho's return was not brilliant. Maybe it was brilliant to people who enjoy post-modern bells and whistles and meta-fiction commentary of the sort, but let me break this down to you: You should all be sick to your stomach.

Imagine this: John Cena has a match hyped up for months against CM Punk. Video segments make the match highly anticipated. The bell rings. The fans cheer. What happens? John Cena stands in the ring for ten minutes without moving. But wait... It's not stupid. It's a brilliant commentary on fans' criticism of Cena not being able to wrestle. Don't you get it? You must. Instead of Cena wrestling, he actually doesn't wrestle! It's so brilliant.

Now of course, no wrestling fan would find the above situation brilliant or even tolerable. No one would think it's brilliant. So why do people find Jericho's bullshit to be genius?

Because the cynical marks who've invaded the wrestling media tell them to. Geno Mrosko's commentary was pathetic. You could say Jericho's promo was a success because the reaction it has gotten out of me. And you're right. I'm pissed. I'm mad. But only because it was a giant waste of time! Where was the pay off? What was so great? That Jericho thinks he's superior to the fans because he can out mark the marks? Give me a break.

Once again, WWE has dropped the ball. Jericho's return could have set up a major feud right away, but instead they've confused casual fans, pissed of real fans, turned away new fans who thought it was a waste of time, but pleased the intellectual marks who will revel in that type of a farce. Great job. I guess anything really can happen in the WWE.

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