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On this date in WCW history: David Flair and Crowbar win the tag team titles with a little help from Arn Anderson

David Flair dated Stacy Kiebler. Do not boo this man.

On the January 3, 2000, edition of World Championship Wrestling's (WCW) Monday Nitro, David Flair once again proved that nepotism is alive and well by teaming up with Crowbar in the WCW Tag Team Title Tournament.

In the opening round, they were paired off against Lash Leroux and Midnight, a bout they won to advance to the semifinals against Buff Bagwell and Vampiro. After securing the victory, they faced Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner in the finals and (OMG!) won it all thanks to Arn Anderson, who showed up in the striped black and white to clonk "Big Apathy" on the back of the head.

Flair and Crowbar win the titles and how do they pay ole Arnie back? By giving him a taste of his own steel -- while Daffney struggles to free herself from a Jeff Jarrett headlock.

In other words, just another day at the WCW office.

The madness begins (and ends), after the jump.

Any Cagesiders still hanging on to the WCW/nWO at this point? Or had you already abandoned ship?

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