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WWE Royal Rumble results: Brodus Clay beats the Funk out of Drew McIntyre

Somebody call my mama!

"The Funkasaurus Rex" from Planet Funk Brodus Clay rolled into St. Louis and took on Drew McIntyre in another unannounced Royal Rumble match. The match lasted two minutes, about half as long as Clay's entrance. Clay withstood some stiff offense from the Scotsman in the beginning but eventually got the upper hand and when the question "should I get him?" was posed, the answer, as it always should be, was "yes."

It's amazing that a wrestler with only a couple of weeks under his belt has gotten so over with the crowd and already has a handful of marketable catchphrases to boot.

Clay's character is fun and even brings in non-fans with its infectiousness.

My only question is, WHERE IS THE DANG SHIRT?!

Catch the ongoing Royal Rumble play by play here for each and every punch, kick and slam.

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