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WWE Royal Rumble results: Kane and John Cena battle to a double countout

The feud with the least plausible beginning brought both John Cena and Kane to St. Louis and the Royal Rumble tonight. Kane wanted Cena to give into hate or something like that and made it his mission to turn the WWE posterboy to the dark side.

It's like Star Wars except not as good.

Kane did everything he could including crippling Cena's BFF Zack Ryder but Cena simply wouldn't give up.

The match started with Kane taking it to Cena only to have the multiple time world champ come back from the brink of defeat. A Five Knuckle Shuffle was countered but eventually Cena was able to hit one off the top rope, leading to an Attitude Adjustment attempt.

Kane elbowed out of the move and the action spilled to the outside which led to a double countout. The two brawled to the backstage area and eventually Kane got the upper hand on his opponent. Conveniently enough, it occurred right outside Ryder's special private room that John Laurinaitis had set up for the "Long Island Iced Z."

Paul Bearer's baby boy popped inside, attacked Ryder and wheeled him to the the ring where he continued the assault. Eve Torres ran out to plead for her boo but Kane wasn't hearing that mess. He mad dogged the Diva while nailing Ryder with a Tombstone Piledriver. It was then that Cena ran back out to a shower of boos only to eat a chokeslam to a chorus of cheers.

It looks like we got at least one more month of this before Cena sets his sights on The Rock in Miami for WrestleMania 28. If Kane is involved in that match, I may very well lose my mind.

Catch the ongoing Royal Rumble play by play here for each and every punch, kick and slam.

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