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WWE Royal Rumble results: CM Punk defeats Dolph Ziggler despite referee shenanigans

The proceedings commenced with "Mr. Exciting" John Laurinaitis coming out as the special guest enforcer to ensure that everything is on the up and up. His first act? Booting Vickie Guerrero from ringside!

What can I say about the match itself? It was fantastic. I love these two working together. They're both complete professionals and gel extremely well, each time they step inside the squared circle with each other is a delight.

Highlights from this match is a Doctor Bomb from Punk, a realistic counter to the ZigZag and some great cockiness from the challenger.

The ending came when a referee bump sent the zebra to the outside while The Dynamic Dude tended to him. Punk sunk in the Anaconda Vice and Ziggler tapped. No referee. Ziggler tries to roll the champ up but Punk rolls through and gets the pin. No referee. Punk even scored a GTS but no referee. Eventually Punk got sick of the shenanigans.

"Next GTS is for you, clownshoes!" the champ screamed at the Interim Raw General Manager. Punk set the finisher up but the challenger beautifully countered into a Fame Asser! Billy Gunn, that one's for you! Punk kicked out and managed to hit a second GTS -- sold beautifully by Ziggler as always -- to earn the pinfall from the referee and Laurinaitis who slid in and counted the three count as well.

While Punk celebrated inside the ring post-match, his supposed nemesis cheered him at the top of the entrance ramp.

Catch the ongoing Royal Rumble play by play here for each and every punch, kick and slam.

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