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2012 Royal Rumble: Daniel Bryan retains the World Heavyweight Championship in a triple threat match

In a triple threat steel cage match, Daniel Bryan outlasted both The Big Show and Mark Henry to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Bryan started the match off by immediately trying to climb outside the cage but was yanked down by Henry. The two big men then took turns beating on the champion until turning on each other. Bryan was then able to gain the upper hand by attacking the lower halves of each opponent. The bigger they are and all that.

The former Ring of Honor champion eventually become the brunt of The Big Show's aggression once more as Andre's fake kid was able to finally get his big hands on the man who had been giving him the guilt trip of a lifetime over trampling the loveably A.J.

The ending came with Bryan trying to make his way over the cage with The Big Show following close behind. Hands grasped tightly around the champion's neck and then wrist, the big man did everything he could to keep Bryan's feet from touching the mat. It proved fruitless as "The American Dragon" dropped down, winning the match.

In keeping with his over the top, obnoxious character trait, Bryan celebrated at the top the ramp, screaming "Yes!" over and over. Henry, presumably still nursing a groin injury, didn't do much in the match.

Catch the ongoing Royal Rumble play by play here for each and every punch, kick and slam.

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