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WWE Royal Rumble advice from Stone Cold Steve Austin

One of the greatest pro wrestlers to ever climb inside the ring, Stone Cold Steve Austin, is helpfully doling out advice to young Royal Rumble rookies on his Twitter account in advance of the big pay-per-view show tonight (Sun., Jan. 29, 2012) in St. Louis.

Here's what "The Rattlesnake" had to say:

"My advice to Royal Rumble rookies tonight. Go on offense, you must be in Attack Mode. If you blow up, find a Turnbuckle and recover...Repeat. Royal Rumble rookie advice #2...Kicks and Punches will be most effective in this event. Do not attempt your finish unless the ring is clear."

I'll admit that I've always been a bit of a mark for pro wrestling terminology. It's endlessly fascinating to me to listen to two pro wrestling veterans speak on their craft. So when Austin uses the term "blow up" when he means "get tired," I can't help but react to it.

If anyone is equipped to give young guys Royal Rumble advice, it's Stone Cold. He's a three-time winner, in 1997, 1998 and 2001.

Hey, maybe the big swerve for tonight's match is Austin returning to win his unprecedented fourth Rumble match and going on to challenge CM Punk for the WWE championship at WrestleMania 28. Wouldn't that blow your socks off?

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