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WWE Royal Rumble: Update on potential names to enter the match (SPOILERS)

If you're like me, you enjoy having as much information as possible. That extends to everything, but in this case, the Royal Rumble match is full of participants that are designed to be surprises to shock the live crowd in attendance.

Thanks to the Wrestling Observer, we now know who a few of those names could be.

In case you would rather keep the intrigue and actually be surprised while watching the match tomorrow night (Jan. 29, 2012), these potential spoilers will be posted after the jump.

From the Observer comes word on a few names and a bit of news that is sure to please many of you Cagesiders:

Jim Duggan is pretty much confirmed for the show. He had indie bookings this weekend that he had to cancel at the last minute. Others expected are Road Warrior Animal (which makes sense since his son plays for the St. Louis Rams) and Road Dogg. Other notes include Brodus Clay getting his full ring entrance at the Rumble, and they are back on the push Mason Ryan bandwagon as of this week. That's one that can change on a moments notice, though.

Brodus Clay getting his full ring entrance means they're going to have work the match to where he either comes in second (after Miz) and does his thing before the match officially begins or they time it perfectly to where there's a double elimination and no one is left in the ring until the next entrance, which would be Clay.

Either way, I think we're all 100-percent on board with this, are we not?

As for the other news, I think the opposite applies for Mason Ryan. Is there honestly anyone who thinks this man can become anything more than a laughingstock and a guy who is going to get someone legitimately hurt in the ring one day soon?

Jim Duggan, Road Warrior Animal and Road Dogg are solid choices to appear as legends, seeing as they're all still athletically able to avoid embarrassing themselves for the short time they'll be in the match. Duggan should get a solid pop because he always does, Animal should get the same because his son is a middle linebacker for the St. Louis Rams but Road Dogg is an interesting case.

The last time he showed up on WWE TV was at the Slammy Awards and he got very little reaction from the crowd that night. Of course, that was just for a trophy presentation and this is a far bigger scenario but his value is questionable at best. He can still go, though, and he's probably a much better choice than X-Pac.

As of now it looks like the list of Rumble participants includes the following:

  1. The Miz
  2. R-Truth
  3. Wade Barrett
  4. Randy Orton
  5. Chris Jericho
  6. Sheamus
  7. Brodus Clay
  8. Jim Duggan
  9. Road Warrior Animal
  10. Road Dogg
  11. Mason Ryan
  12. Mick Foley

Those are the names that are either confirmed or as close to it as it gets. Still 19 spots left, though. Who else do you want to see in the Rumble?

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