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Pic: John Cena -- The Fruity Pebble

Photo of John Cena the Fruity Pebble by <a href="!/FoogosArt" target="new">@FoogosArt</a>
Photo of John Cena the Fruity Pebble by @FoogosArt

This takes the cake, Cagesiders.

The folks at Foogos Art took the time to construct the above photo of John Cena using only Fruity Pebbles. The Rock started this madness by telling Cena in a promo that he "runs around here looking like a big fat bowl of Fruity Pebbles."

WWE and Post quickly hopped on board and cut a deal to have Cena appear on over three million boxes of the cereal everywhere. And now it's led to the photo above.

What do you think, everybody? Awesome? Or a waste of time?

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