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Video: WWE NXT from Jan. 25, 2012, featuring Titus O'Neil vs Percy Watson

Here's the latest episode of WWE NXT from Jan. 25, 2012, featuring Titus O'Neil vs. Percy Watson in the main event of the evening. The night kicked off with a solid promo from O'Neil, who continues to win me over, especially with lines like this:

"You all can say that I suck all you want to but the reality of it is I did everything you asked me to do. 'Titus, can you take a picture with me?' 'Yeah, come on, take a picture.' 'Hey, can my son get in there?' 'Yeah, bring your son.' Neither one of y'all told me you'd be smelling like garbage truck juice."

He's got some ways to go as far as his ring work is concerned but he's getting there and it's nice that WWE has a place like NXT for him to grow.

In other action, Heath Slater finally won a match, pinning Trent Baretta. As PWTorch noted, this snapped a 22-match losing streak for "The One Man Southern Rock Band," who hadn't actually won a match since July 28, 2011. His opponent for that victory? Trent Baretta.

The funniest (or maybe saddest) part of the show comes when Maxine tells Derrick Bateman they'll get off NXT and Matt Striker replies with these exact words:

"No one is going off NXT," he said. "We need all the warm bodies we can get on this show."

That's WWE, folks. But really NXT has been improving. It's not Raw or Smackdown but it's an enjoyable program.

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