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Kevin Nash will NOT be in the Royal Rumble ... unless he's going over

It wasn't long ago that Kevin Nash was written off WWE television thanks to a sledgehammer beating from Triple H at the TLC pay-per-view. The angle used was that the big man needed surgery on his busted beak and he would be out indefinitely.

Not long after, Nash was on Twitter saying he was done with pro wrestling and it was "nice to end it with someone I love." This was, of course, a load of crap and he's simply taking some time away.

One of the easiest ways to bring him back to WWE would be to have him be a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble match, which takes place this Sunday night (Jan. 29, 2012) in St. Louis, Missouri. After all, the company has been pushing the line that "for the first time ever, every single WWE superstar is eligible to enter." This could easily mean any legend or someone we've all forgotten about.

Like Nash.

Because he was likely getting bombarded with questions from inquiring minds regarding his status for the Rumble match, Nash once again took to Twitter to let us know his status for the show.

"Under no circumstances will I be at the Royal Rumble, unless of course, I'm going over. Oh, and I need to be No. 30."

What's so great about that statement is that it was likely intended to be tongue-in-cheek but when reading it, you can't help but feel like it's entirely possible a conversation took place and that's exactly what Nash said.

Triple H gives him a call: "Hey, Kev, we're putting together the Rumble match-uh. You were super over last year, you want to get in on it this year? You'll get a surprise pop-uh."

"Sure, man, yeah. I just have to go over," Nash responds.

"Well, Kev, we can probably work something out for you-uh. Let you eliminate a few guys."

"Oh and I have to be number 30."

"Bye, Kev."

Don't be surprised to see Nash show up in St. Louis this Sunday night. His buddy X-Pac is holding a party with Billy Gunn in the city after the show. Time to get the band back together?

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