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WWE: Ted DiBiase confirms he suffered a broken wrist

As we've stated here plenty of times before, reporting on anything pro wresting related is a tricky proposition because oftentimes, everyone is lying to you because they're trying to work you.

Indeed, it's taken days and days to figure out whether or not Ted DiBiase suffered a legitimate hand/wrist injury as was being reported. So how are we sure now? Well, there's no way to be completely sure but we'll take DiBiase's word for it:

"To answer a lot of questions about me being injured, Its true. Broken wrist, torn cartilage. Wanted to know for sure before I announced anything. I will still be coming to shows just so I can hang out at the #DiBiasePosseParty. And it's just my wrist.. Not my neck, knee or back. Got no problem fighting with one arm!!! I love challenges!!!"

So we can put this rumor to rest and officially say that DiBiase is injured.

As to how this will affect him going forward, it's doubtful he's actually going to miss any time. In fact -- SPOILER ALERT -- he worked a match with Hunico at the Smackdown tapings last night in Tuscon (read full spoilers here).

The great thing about pro wrestling is they can book matches to protect guys who are suffering from relatively minor injuries, like broken wrists. It may not result in any four-star matches but let's be real -- when has Ted DiBiase Jr. ever had even a three-star match?

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