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Video: Hulk Hogan admits he should probably retire right now

But he won't because he still gets off on marks marking out for him (we're looking at you, Jesse Holland). When asked when is the time for Hulk Hogan to retire, he responded with:

"Probably now. But the fans are so great and it's so much fun that it's actually, it's a good time getting in there. Everything's calculated, you know you don't want to be diving off the top rope at 30 feet onto the concrete floor, so we'll pass on that move, maybe a little ear might be better to rile the fans up. But, you know, if you calculate things and you stay in good shape, you can last a little longer."

Yes, because there's nothing like a 58-year-old man with a perpetually broken back and no knees begging the crowd for a reaction with the same tired schtick he's been using since the early 1980s.

At least during this appearance he actually bothered to promote TNA, going so far as to deliver the old line about how the organization is "the number one wrestling company in the world" because they "focus on the wrestling." You know, the overbooked matches with no actual finishes.

Oh, Hulk.

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