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Your weekly dose of Brodus Clay as The Funkasaurus or, this is why we can't have nice things

It wasn't that long ago that Brodus Clay was just that guy John Laurinaitis was always saying was going to debut next week. And it was some great schtick, constantly teasing but never paying it off.

Then, just a few weeks ago, Clay debuted with a new character known as The Funkasaurus from Planet Funk. He came out dancing with two female sidekicks wearing an obnoxious red jumpsuit, squashed a jobber while spitting out a few catchphrases, and immediately got everything about the act over.

This was impressive on a number of levels, most notably the fact that WWE trolled us about as hard as they could and this man still managed to get a ridiculous character over through a mixture of talent, commitment, and good humor.

Clay was getting more and more of a reaction each week as he trotted himself out on both Raw and Smackdown to jiggle around and splash opponents with his finisher Michael Cole tells us is called the "Aww Funk It." Except last night he was calling it the "What The Funk."

Indeed, The Funkasaurus was getting over just fine with an act very few within the company could ever pull off. So what does WWE do just as he's gaining steam?

They change it up.

The first thing they did different last night was have an entirely new introduction for him. Two insufferable voices suddenly played over the loud speakers asking everyone to please welcome the Funkasaurus. It completely killed the good feeling you get when "Somebody Call My Momma" first starts playing.

Then, to make matters worse, Clay came out wearing a white jumpsuit instead of his usual red. Obviously, this shouldn't be a big deal but the red was quickly becoming a signature look for him. The dancers were still in red, doing their thing like usual, which made Clay look completely out of place in white. As if through karma, or the universe telling WWE to stop messing with a good thing, Brodus couldn't get his pants off for the final stomp spot in his dance routine.

And this is why we can't have nice things, folks. WWE won't let us. They give us what we didn't want and then when we quickly come around and decide we do want it, they change it up.

Nonetheless, here's the video of Clay doing his thing last night as your weekly dose of Brodus Clay as The Funkasaurus from Planet Funk who is funky. Also featuring William Regal on commentary, who did his best to make the botch pants spot memorable by expertly delivering the line, "He couldn't get out of his bloody trousers there!" Seriously, get this man on my TV more often.

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