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CM Punk and Ultimate Warrior put each other over on Twitter

Already you may be asking yourself why I'm even covering something like this when there are far more important issues in the pro wrestling world. CM Punk and Ultimate Warrior putting each other over on Twitter? Big deal.

I mostly agree. But there's just something that fascinates me about the entire idea behind these two forging a bond through the videos Warrior has been releasing with his "Dr. Warrior" gimmick in which he gives what he calls "injections of inspiration."

He released one just the other day and Punk took to Twitter to respond to it.

"If you think @UltimateWarrior is just screaming, you're missing the message. Kill or be killed. Everyday. No sleep. No rest. Death to tyrants."

As a way to return the favor, Warrior sent this out in response.

"There are "punks" aplenty in the world. But there are definite reasons why @CMPunk isn't one of them. You fans of his, pay attention. Learn."

Imagine that -- a straightedge, drug free Punk hand-in-hand with a radical, insane Warrior.

Another reason I wanted to post this is because Warrior's inspirational videos never cease to amaze me. You can't help but feel like you're just being screamed at by a juiced up former flash in the pan whose time has long since passed him by but if you actually listen to his message and bother to take the time to decipher it, he makes total and complete sense.

He actually is, in the most crazy insane way possible, inspirational.

Watch the video Punk was responding to after the jump.

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