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On this date in WWF history: Shawn Michaels makes Royal Rumble history

On January 22, 1995, World Wrestling Federation (WWF) hall-of-famer Shawn Michaels did what many people thought couldn't be done at the promotion's annual Royal Rumble event.

He drew number one and went on to win the tournament.

"The Heartbreak Kid" eliminated the following contestants during his 38 minutes and 41 seconds inside the ring: Duke Droese, Tom Prichard, Bushwhackers Luke and Butch, Jacob Blu, Lex Luger (assisted by Crush) Aldo Montoya and Davey Boy Smith.

His final elimination of "The British Bulldog" is what sealed the deal and came after Smith dumped "HBK" over the top rope for what he (and a lot of us) thought was the win.

Michaels survived because only one foot touched the floor, so he was able to regain his balance, return to the ring and eliminate the Bulldog, who was too busy celebrating to notice.

See how it all went down, after the jump.

Michaels, who is number one all time in total eliminations at 41, has been called one of the greatest Rumble participants in history.

Anyone out there care to disagree?

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