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Chris Jericho's jacket is more popular than he is at this point

It's been three weeks now since his big return to Raw and Chris Jericho has yet to say anything on WWE TV outside of yelling,"YEAH BABY" at the crowd repeatedly.

But that doesn't mean he's gone completely silent.

He still does some yapping on Twitter and he's been giving more and more interviews as of late. He made a recent appearance on G4's Attack of the Show but nothing WWE related came up. That wasn't the case in his interview with the Winnipeg Sun, however, to promote an upcoming appearance on Friday. No, they got the chance to ask him about the now infamous jacket he wears around that lights up on his command:

"I wanted to create something different for my return. I found a guy who had this idea. It turns out he makes all of David Lee Roth's stuff, (as well as) Justin Bieber, Alicia Keys, Brad Pitt ... and we kind of created this thing together. I think the jacket is more popular than I am at this point. I think in Winnipeg I'm just going to stick the jacket on a stand and sit in the back and turn it on and off."

What's funny is that if he actually did something that insane, the fans would probably still mark out for it, especially in Winnipeg.

Outside of revealing the origins behind the jacket, Jericho doesn't really get into much surrounding his new character and his current plans with it. We've all beaten the subject to death trying to figure out exactly where this thing is going, be it the rumored feud with CM Punk or a possible win at the Royal Rumble, but the reality is none of us know anything.

Just the way Jericho likes it.

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