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Big Show reportedly suffers back injury at Smackdown tapings in Las Vegas

Bad news for Smackdown. According to The Wrestling Observer, Big Show suffered a back injury during tapings last night in Las Vegas.

Big Show suffered a back injury last night. We're not sure of the severity but we're told he landed wrong and hurt (himself) in the dark match against Daniel Bryan.

If this is even kind of serious it would deal another crushing blow to Smackdown, considering the fact that they're already stretched thin in the main event with Mark Henry still nursing a groin injury. "The World's Strongest Man" has been booked about as easy going as it can get to protect him and if they have to start doing the same for Show, I'm not sure Daniel Bryan is ever going to get a clean win.

Then again, it's a good thing his current character is taking the turn it's taking, which is to say it's acceptable for him to be booked to retain his title without ever actually having to cleanly defeat anyone.

This could also mean we'll start seeing some triple threat matches involving both Show and Henry with Bryan tasked with doing all the heavy lifting. Not an easy task but he's a talented performer capable of pulling it off. We'll pass along whatever information comes out regarding the severity of Show's injury. Let's hope it doesn't affect his potential match with Shaquille O'Neal at WrestleMania.

In the meantime, you can read complete spoilers for the Smackdown show that will air this Friday by clicking here.

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