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X-Pac comments on Evan Bourne's 60 day suspension for another WWE Wellness violation

Who would have thought that of all the people to take up Evan Bourne's cause, the most vocal would be Sean Waltman, better known as X-Pac?

That's what's currently ongoing, though, as the former D-Generation X member has taken to Twitter to make his feelings clear on Bourne's recent 60-day suspension and the state of the current WWE Wellness Policy:

"Evan Bourne was suspended again. WTF? Get off these guys backs on the marijuana. Its not even on the IOCs banned substance list. This guy (Bourne) is one of the healthiest, respectful, dedicated professionals they have. Leave him alone. ... @VCed8 He doesnt go out there stoned. Come on. I get it. How about they ban alcohol as well? The synthetic weed is legal for at thew moment. I understand the marijuana policy. It's illegal. The other stuff you buy in the gas station is still legal. That's my point. I love Bourne. I don't know the story, but after the first one, I wouldn't have given them any rope to hang me with. ... @Tripleb2k1 My problem is with parts of their wellness policy. On whole, I think its a great policy. Saved my life."

The current WWE Wellness Policy is somewhat funky, for various reasons. For starters, they play fast and loose with it and tend to enforce it however it best suits their needs, such as the first time Bourne was popped. He was reportedly caught doing Spice, a synthetic form of marijuana, alongside another superstar who was just weeks away from participating in the main event of Survivor Series. Bourne was suspended for 30 days effective immediately but R-Truth, said superstar, wasn't suspended for another three weeks until he could perform at the pay-per-view.

Speaking of Spice, the punishment system in place is rather odd to say the least. If a performer gets caught using cannabis, they're only subject to a $2,500 fine. If the same superstar is caught using Spice, the synthetic version many wrestlers use instead of the real one, they're subject to a 30-day suspension for their first violation and it escalates to 60-days for the second and so on and so forth.

Goofy, right?

That's not to say Spice shouldn't be on the banned substances list, as the long-term health affects are still unknown at this time, but the disparity in punishment between using the real thing and the synthetic thing is downright silly. X-Pac isn't exactly Mr. Straight Edge, but he makes valid points regarding the current Wellness Policy and the problems with it.

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