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WWE Smackdown spoilers for show to air Fri., Jan. 20, 2012

WWE Smackdown was taped last night in Las Vegas for the show that will air this coming Fri., Jan. 20, 2012, featuring Daniel Bryan defending his world heavyweight championship against Mark Henry.

And because they were in "Sin City," they decided to get all gimmicky and bring back the roulette wheel to determine stipulations for each match on the card.

Can you imagine if the UFC did stuff like this? Instead of letting the Chael Sonnen vs. Michael Bisping fight at UFC on Fox 2 on Jan. 28 in Chicago determine the next challenger to Anderson Silva and his middleweight title, let's just spin a big wheel with names of all the top middleweights (and maybe even a few light heavyweights) to see who "The Spider" fights next. It would be incredible.

Complete Smackdown spoilers (via Wrestling Observer) after the jump.

-- Daniel Bryan cut a promo on Big Show saying he was faking his tears and he was faking his sorrow at what he did to A.J. last week. Bryan was apparently getting a solid heel reaction and claimed Show was going to do the right thing and quit the business.

-- Cody Rhodes def. Justin Gabriel in a standard match.

-- Mark Henry spun the wheel and ended up getting a lumberjack match for his title shot later in the night.

-- Primo and Epico were built up a little more with a win over The Usos, the only tag team for them to go up against at present time.

-- Brodus Clay and Vickie Guerrero had a dance off. Vickie acted as though she didn't know how to dance before she was saved by William Regal, who chided the crowd for laughing at her. Clay challenged Regal to a dance off instead but took him out shortly after he started.

-- Wade Barrett def. Sheamus in a tables match thanks to interference from Jinder Mahal. Has anyone gotten a push like Sheamus and had it go nowhere for this long? It's amazing.

-- Ted DiBiase def. Hunico in a flag match. DiBiase on Twitter said he was suffering from food poisoning prior to the show but was able to work the match.

-- Teddy Long finally fired Drew McIntrye, who Santino Marella immediately wanted to hire back to have a match. So they set up a blindfold match with the added stipulation that if McIntrye won, he would get his job back. I'm sure you can guess what happened next. He failed to win and ended up fired again. Poor kid.

-- Daniel Bryan once again retained his title without ever actually having to beat anyone thanks to the lumberjacks getting involved in a big brawl causing a no contest in the main event. An impromptu Royal Rumble broke out with all the lumberjacks and Sheamus ended up throwing everyone out to stand tall at the end.

Sound like a good show, Cagesiders?

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