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On this date in WWF history: Mark Henry gets humiliated by Chyna in front of his mama

Somebody call his mama! Wait, on second thought, don't, because she's already a member of the live television audience.

Before he was inducting hapless jobbers into his "Hall of Pain," Mark Henry was "Sexual Chocolate," hoping he could melt in Chyna's mouth after becoming obsessed with her.

To the point of filing a sexual harassment suit against her (kayfabe).

The "Ninth Wonder of the World" finally came around and even proposed a threesome with her friend "Sammy," which as it turns out, was a transvestite.

That led to Henry vomiting on screen during the January 18, 1999, edition of Monday Night RAW before coming out to confront Chyna, who not only verbally berates him, but also junk-punches him in front of Mrs. Chocolate.

Video after the jump.

Anyone remember this bizarre program?

And how amazing is it that after years of horrible angles and tasteless programs, Mark Henry can still be a main event player in 2012?


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