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Chris Jericho ups his troll game on Raw, fans come up with brilliant idea for the Royal Rumble

Last night (Jan. 16, 2012) on WWE Monday Night Raw, Chris Jericho once again upped the ante and raised his trolling game to the next level.

This time, he actually participated in a match that saw him receive a hot tag from CM Punk, which was great because Jericho was going insane trying to get the tag, only for good old Y2J to get inside the ring, do his thing popping the crowd and quickly tagging back out and walking up the ramp to the back again.

With his character in its current progression, that leaves us to wonder where they can go from here. Cageside commenter mountaineers101 came up with an idea in the Raw live blog thread that everyone agreed was brilliant:

Follow me here: Jericho is number one at the Rumble ... but spends the entire time just doing laps and (messing) with the audience. He leaves. The last man left thinks he has won. Jericho comes in again and eliminates him.

What do you think?

I think that's an awesome idea, even if it does harken back to Vince McMahon's Rumble win in 1999 and the way that was booked. This time, though, it makes sense. Complete sense, actually. It makes so much sense that anything else will be a major disappointment.

Can you imagine Jericho coming back, tossing the guy over the top rope and then screaming, "YEAH, BAY-BAY" for 15 minutes while pandering to the crowd as the pay-per-view fades to black?

Everyone would either finally get the point and hate his guts or he would become the biggest cult hero in over a decade. Actually, both things could happen. That's why WWE needs to pull the trigger on this. We need a Twitter hashtag and everyone to get in on it to give this a chance. Get on it, Cagesiders.

In the meantime, video of Jericho on Raw last night after the jump.

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