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Air Boom loses tag titles to Epico and Primo at WWE house show in Oakland

WWE released the above video on YouTube a short time ago showing Epico and Primo celebrating winning the tag team titles from Air Boom at a house show in Oakland, California, today (Sun., Jan. 15, 2012). Normally, if a title change happens at a house show, they'll just switch it back at the next one and no one is the wiser by the time Raw and Smackdown come around.

But there is no house show between now and then. Raw is tomorrow night.

This is, of course, further punishment to Evan Bourne (and Kofi Kingston by association) for his taking issue with the way WWE handled doling out suspensions for violation of the Wellness Policy recently with R-Truth and Bourne, respectively.

I suppose tomorrow night we'll get a video on Raw explaining the switch. As usual, we'll have the Raw live blog with coverage of everything that goes down, so stay tuned.

After the jump is footage of the finish at the house show in Oakland. HT to Arda Ocal and MrRondo87 on YouTube.

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