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Video: Brodus Clay debuts on Smackdown as The Funkasaurus

I wondered what the reaction would be for Brodus Clay when he made his second appearance as The Funkasaurus, which he did on the Smackdown show that aired last night (Jan. 13, 2012).

The fans at the arena cheered for him and seemed to greatly enjoy his new gimmick. And why shouldn't they? Clay really devotes himself to playing it up as much as possible and because of that, it's a believable act. His dancers help protect him from having to do too much and they add the little extra flare to make the whole thing work.

It's phenomenal.

The only drawback to having him dance his way out to the ring and do his whole spiel before each match is that he'll blow himself up from time to time, which will become an issue if he's ever asked to do a match that involves more than just a headbutt and a splash like the squash you see here against Tyson Kidd.

We'll see the kind of reaction he gets when they start pushing him up the card but so far so good for the man who hails from Planet Funk.

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