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On this date in WCW history: The New Adventures of Robin Hood!

World Championship Wrestling (WCW) loved the cliffhanger ending. Tune in next week/event/pay-per-view to see how it all ends! The shocking conclusion you won't believe!

On January 13, 1997, they reached an all-time low. Well, at least in the cliffhanger department.

The main event of Monday Nitro was between The Giant and Hollywood Hogan, with the nWo in Hulkster's corner. There were just a few minutes left in the broadcast, but wait! WCW has worked out a cooperative agreement with TNT that will allow the remainder of their bout to be shown during intermittent breaks on The New Adventures of Robin Hood!


Basically, the new Robin Hood series was a way to cash in on the Xena rage, but the show was a flop and watchable only for the occasional cleavage. It had good ratings in its debut, thanks to the marks who stuck around to see The Giant win by DQ, but was subsequently canceled the following season.

Unlike TNT, I won't make you watch any of it to see the bout, which is embedded after the jump.

Anyone remember this episode? If so, did you stick around to watch it?

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