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Video: Brodus Clay talks about shocking the world with his debut on WWE Raw

WWE did its usual post-match interview backstage with Brodus Clay following his shocking debut on Raw this past Monday night (Jan. 9, 2012). And since we're all curious about just what the hell we saw, let's hear what he has to say about it:

"It was (an incredible debut), it really was. I was very pleased with it. We did a great job. I think... shocked them? We shocked not the WWE, we shocked the world, the universe, the solar system; nobody -- and I mean nobody -- saw this coming. They had no idea, they had no clue, and tonight there was a lot of this (mouth agape) and it turned into this (clapping). 'I don't know why I'm clapping but I love it. I love it.'"

Based on the majority of comments from you Cagesiders, we all did pretty much what Clay described. Shook our head, laughed and let it be as awesome as it was.

To address the issue of whether or not we're supposed to take him seriously with a gimmick like The Funkasaurus, the interviewer asks Clay if he's worried his opponents won't take him seriously as a competitor. His reply:

"What do you mean? Ask Hawkins how seriously he takes me as a competitor. Did you not see what happened tonight? I can dance and move and do those things but don't get it twisted, I'm still a tooth chipper. Ask him; ask him, he'll tell the truth. And if you don't like it, there's two things you can do about it: nothing and love it. And you do know that. So pretty."

That works.

Anyone think this gimmick is a money winner? Or is it destined to failure? Can we take Clay seriously like they want us to?

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