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TNA Victory Road 2012 poster for March 18 pay-per-view event


Here's the poster for the upcoming TNA Victory Road pay-per-view event set to go down on March 18, 2012. The theme, obviously, is that TNA has completely ripped off everything from The Dark Knight now with Sting as Two-Face, one half Steve Borden and the other the Joker Sting, the blatant rip off of Heath Ledger's Joker.

Still, it's a cool poster.

With Sting on the cover, it also harkens back to Victory Road 2011, which featured Sting in the main event against Jeff Hardy. That was the debacle of a match that forced TNA to finally send Hardy home and eventually led to the current storyline with his begging for forgiveness from the entire locker room. Essentially, Hardy waltzed out for his match completely wasted and Sting shoot pinned him in seconds just to avoid further embarrassment.

Hardy seems to be much better now and Sting, being the good guy that he is, has long since forgiven him, so I wouldn't expect another scenario like that to play out again this year.

Then again, it is TNA.

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