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TNA Releases Genesis Pay-Per-View Video With Footage From Roode vs Hardy Main Event, Baffles Everyone

Oh, TNA.

If we're to accept the premise that this company doesn't care much about pay-per-view (PPV) buys and instead chooses to build its shows towards Impact on Thursday night's on Spike TV, how on Earth is it a good idea to give away the result of the Genesis PPV main event on YouTube two days before Impact is set to air this week?

The Internet has changed everything, I get that, but what good can come of this? Does anyone want to watch Impact this Thursday now because of this video? They don't tease showing footage on Impact, they don't give you a taste and then tell you to come back for the rest later; they literally give away the goods on a useless YouTube video posted at a random time.

It's mind boggling.

The promotion for Impact this Thursday is that Hardy is going to have something to say about what went down and how he doesn't like it. Tune in, folks, Jeff Hardy on the mic! Should be explosive!

Not that you care (because, you know, TNA has created a culture that dictates you shouldn't) but you can click here for results from the Genesis PPV.

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