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WWE apparently working on creating physical Hall of Fame

Regret? What regret?
Regret? What regret?

In Nov. 2010, it was revealed that local offices in Orlando, Florida, were preparing proposals to send to WWE that would bring an actual physical Hall of Fame to the city. Obviously, this would be a big hit for tourists and make it a destination stop for the biggest pro wrestling company in the world today.

Not much came from that and WWE has kept its cards close to its vest regarding whether or not plans are in place to make it happen. It's been rumored for years, since it became an annual broadcast event in 2005 that has drawn more and more attention to the concept. It's a slippery slope for WWE, considering the Hall of Fame in its current form, which is to say it doesn't have one, can be manipulated accordingly to best suit the whim of Vince McMahon. Meaning, he can still blacklist whoever he wants without having to deal with a physical location memorializing wrestlers he's had a major falling out with.

However, in a recent talk with, Triple H says it's in the works but an exact place and reveal date have not been determined yet:

"And do I think there will ever be a Hall of Fame? Yes. I think they'll be a physical Hall of Fame. That's something we're working on. It's definitely in the works. It's just a matter of when, where. Is it a traveling Hall of Fame? Is it a permanent place? There's a lot of questions and thoughts on it and we're in the process of collecting things to put in there."

In the same interview, Triple H talks about purchasing the majority of vintage wrestling auctions from "Killer" Kowalski. This is the norm for Triple H, who has been known to spend large sums of his considerable bankroll on old wrestling items. Presumably the WWE Hall of Fame would essentially be an extension of that. Plenty of ring memorabilia, busts of the superstars and celebrities inducted, full displays, valuable items and things of the sort.

Really, it could be a major tourist attraction and just from Triple H's comments, as well as other reports, WWE executives may have it in their head that they can make it a traveling show so as to conform to whatever location was hosting WrestleMania that year. This would be a logistical nightmare but leave it to WWE to think they can pull it off.

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