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More details on Jeff Hardy's drug case: Police carried out raid after fan sent him drugs through FedEx

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With Jeff Hardy finally being sentenced just yesterday in his drug case going all the way back to Sept. 2009, new details have emerged regarding exactly how police went about raiding his house and finding the unbelievable amount of banned substances he had with him at the time.

The brings word of an incredible tale that led the cops to make the bust:

After a match in Florida, a fan, Thomas Ray Cruz, met Hardy and offered to supply him with prescription pain pills, Van Camp said.

On Sept. 10, 2009, a shipment of those pills arrived at the FedEx distribution center in Fayetteville, packaged in a Maxwell House coffee can and addressed to Hardy. The distribution center's employees found the package suspicious and called police and the can was found to be filled with 262 prescription hydrocodone painkillers.

Police resealed the package and had it delivered, with the pills, to Hardy at his home in the 200 block of Boy's Camp Road outside of Cameron. When Hardy accepted the package, Moore County sheriff's deputies raided the house, where they also found other drugs.

The police were literally able to set up a sting operation because Hardy was accepting pills from some random fan. He actually met a guy, who, on the same night, offered to send him drugs through the mail and he was dumb enough to accept this proposition.

Cruz, the fan who supplied him, was arrested in Nov. 2010 and is currently out on bond. His next court date is set for November of this year.

I literally cannot comprehend how these details can come to light and TNA not only doesn't fire him, but trots him out in the main event slot on Impact on the same night to have him cut one of the worst promos in recent memory asking for forgiveness for his failures at Victory Road.

It should be noted that, according to the Wrestling Observer radio breaking news update on Hardy, he lied to TNA before they originally signed him that these charges were a joke and would go away easily because he wasn't guilty. What actually happened was he was literally caught with his hand in the coffee jar and his case was dragged out for two years until he was finally sentenced to jail time, years of probation, a huge fine and rehab. And with this new information coming to light, it's even more embarrassing that TNA is actually sticking with him and putting him back in a prominent role just to find a way to justify Spike TV continuing to fund their road trips to help pop ratings to keep the show alive. Because we know that if the ratings drop enough, Spike will pull the plug and TNA will go away. Apparently, that's more important than anything else here.

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