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Kurt Angle arrest: Blood alcohol level was above legal limit, failed field sobriety tests

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In a new development to the story of TNA Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle's arrest, it turns out he did, in fact, have a blood alcohol level above the legal limit upon his being pulled over by police this past Sept. 4 in Virginia.

Why is this significant?

Because Mr. Professional Wrestler thought he could work everyone into believing he was under the legal limit by releasing photos to TMZ, which they published alongside his claims that he is being "framed" and "made an example of," that showed his blood alcohol level to be a 0.06, under the legal limit of 0.08.

Now we know the other side of the story, however, and while Angle did score a 0.6 that was on the second test administered at the police station. The first test, conducted shortly after he was pulled over, showed a 0.091, which, of course, is over the legal limit.

Angle, you sly devil you. Not too sly, though.

He also failed several field sobriety tests, according to the policeman, C.R. Scally, who pulled him over and conducted them. In his police report, Scally noted that Angle's eyes were bloodshot and glassy and when asked to recite the alphabet beginning with the letter "D" and ending with the letter "P" he mixed it up enough to conduct another test, this time with numbers. When asked to count backwards from 53 to 48, he failed miserably.

So essentially what happened here is that Angle was pulled over for driving recklessly and arrested after failing every test they administered on the scene, including the breathalyzer, before heading to the station, taking another breathalyzer, one he passed, and posting bond. He was given a hearing date for Oct. 4, 2011.

You would think that would be enough for Angle to simply accept his fate and keep his mouth closed so as to not dig his hole even deeper. But instead, his attorney issued a statement the next day claiming Angle had actually passed the breathalyzer test conducted on scene, which we now know to be bullshit. Not only did Angle and his attorney claim he passed the first test, they actually went as far as to release a photo to TMZ, knowing full well what they would do with it, to try and prove their innocence and build support for their case.

Except that has now backfired horribly thanks to the police making it clear that he failed the first test before passing the second one. And now we can assume that Eric Bischoff is even more disappointed and embarrassed for Angle.


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