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Brock Lesnar return announced for Dec. 30 in Las Vegas against Alistair Overeem

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I know I said Cageside Seats content would consist almost solely of professional wrestling but we will occasionally drop in with a post or two on the fight game. You might see one from Keith Harris later this week on the UFC making the decision to treat Japan in a rather interesting manner upon the announcement of the promotion returning to "The Land of the Rising Sun" early next year.

Today (Sept. 6), though, they made yet another interesting and, in my mind, disaster of a decision. Brock Lesnar will return from an extended layoff to take on recently signed Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem.

There are a large contingent of fans that believe "The Reem" doesn't deserve the considerable hype he's received for years with his extensive K-1 kickboxing background and resume of crushing cans since 2007. Indeed, he hasn't lost a single fight since that year but his toughest competition has been Fabricio Werdum, a bout he nearly lost despite the Brazilian implementing the most bizarre game plan since Thales Leites wacky performance against Anderson Silva.

Still, while it's entirely possible Lesnar defeats Overeem and makes a triumphant return to action, that only serves to kill off Overeem and any value he currently has at this moment. He should have been given a title shot straight out of the gate; instead, he's risking losing to a guy who is returning from a second bout with a deadly intestinal illness that forced him to get surgery this past May to remove a full 12 inches from his colon.


What happens if Overeem wins? Lesnar will have lost his only two fights over the past two years and at the age of 34, he's already rapidly leaving his athletic prime, if he hasn't already. That's not even mentioning his perpetual health issues.

We know he signed a deal with WWE that will allow them to make merchandise and other various ventures involved with the company but he's yet to promote anything, which he was scheduled to start doing sometime this month. Now, he's booked for a fight this coming Dec. 30, which is a Friday, done so UFC doesn't have to run a pay-per-view on New Year's Eve, that could effectively spell the end of his mixed martial arts career.

Hell, at this rate, we could see Lesnar at WrestleMania next year after all. Thoughts on this odd booking decision? Or am I crazy and it's not odd at all?

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