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Kurt Angle arrest: Claims he wasn't drunk, attorney issues statement

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Just yesterday, TNA Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle was arrested for driving under the influence in Virginia. He posted bond and was released shortly after being taken into custody.

Now, he's apparently making outrageous claims. TMZ, once again, has the story:

Kurt Angle apparently believes he's been FRAMED in connection with his drunk driving arrest Sunday morning ... this according to sources connected with the famous wrestler. ... Sources connected with Kurt tell TMZ ... cops are just trying to make an example of him.

Take what you will from that, considering the source, of course. Then again, we are talking about a pro wrestler and to take it one step further, we're talking about Kurt Angle.

His attorney has also issued a statement:

"We understand that Kurt Angle was pulled over last night for a traffic infraction and/or offense. During the stop, he was asked to submit to a breathalyzer test and passed. We understand Kurt will be entering a plea of not guilty in response to any infractions and/or offenses."

Passing a breathalyzer test doesn't necessarily make Angle innocent of all wrongdoing here but it certainly helps matters. Where this ultimately appears to be headed is yet another dismissal in court, with no charges being brought and carried out, and Angle returns to TNA and goes about being their top draw.

Business as usual.

The one wrinkle here is the fact that Angle is still on probation from his arrest and conviction earlier this year, one that also resulted in his being forced to undergo a chemical dependency evaluation. Will that matter in this case? Stay tuned.

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