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Kurt Angle arrested for DUI today (Sept. 4) in Virginia

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In news that isn't so surprising (and how sad is that), current TNA Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle was arrested early this morning (Sept. 4) for driving under the influence in Virginia. The hounds at TMZ have the story:

Wrestling legend Kurt Angle was arrested early this morning on charges of driving under the influence ... TMZ has learned.

Angle was busted by Virginia State Troopers and taken to Warren County Jail. He posted $2,000 bond and was released at 3:31 AM.

This is the second time in the past six months that Angle has been popped for getting behind the wheel while under the influence.

Angle signed with TNA in 2006 and has now been arrested a total of four times since then, three involving some form of reckless driving while under the influence. That's called a pattern, folks, and his problems, which he claimed he had finally taken care of, have clearly not gone away. Here's a brief rundown of the issues he's had over the past few years:

Angle's problems with substance abuse have been well documented for years now. Breaking his neck multiple times and working through entirely too many injuries led to chemical addictions throughout his career that terrorized his later run in the WWE. Towards the end of said run, he was suspended for failing a drug test and when he came back, company executives had so little confidence in his being able to get clean they hired "handlers" to essentially babysit him while on the road.

By all accounts, 2006 was the year Angle was at his worst, with some saying he was on the same level as Brian Pillman during his darkest times. That's saying a lot and when WWE gave him the "rehab or hit the road" ultimatum, he predictably chose the latter and quickly ended up in TNA.

Amazingly enough, despite his various arrests, he's generally appeared to be in much better shape since signing with the promotion. He's smaller, no longer slurring his speech at every turn and still (somehow) putting on solid matches week in and week out. Obviously, though, his issues still exist, at least to some extent. Maybe not as bad as they were in the past and likely nowhere near where they were when he was at rock bottom, but this many arrests for driving under the influence is enough for someone to force treatment.

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