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Matt Hardy issues fake apology for fake suicide note

Even though Geno Mrosko has officially banned coverage of Matt Hardy on this site outside of extreme circumstances after his fake suicide note last Tuesday, which it wouldn't be hyperbole to say was the most disgusting self promotional tactic in wrestling history, I thought it was necessary to conclude our reporting of Matt's downward spiral into complete irrelevance with one final post about the fallout from this incident.  I was ahead of the curve calling on Matt to learn to shut the f*ck up in March 2010 after the first of what would become many bizarre, narcissistic YouTube videos usually shot while intoxicated.  It's clear by now, after being fired by both WWE and TNA in less than a year due to his disturbed behaviour, that he'll never learn his lesson, which is why we're going to stop belabouring the point.  We've tried our best, but Matt will continue to listen to his fanboys and groupies who'll unreservedly defend even his most inexcusable behaviour.

By publishing that fake suicide note, Matt Hardy may have unwittingly committed career suicide as a major league wrestler.  As Dave Meltzer reported in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE is so annoyed at his recent embarrassing behaviour that not only won't they dream of using him, they don't even want any of their talent getting in contact with him publicly via social networking sites like Twitter.  TNA may eventually get desperate enough to bring him back, like they recently did with his brother Jeff who has a much longer track record of unreliability due to drug addiction, but all the extra psychological baggage Matt brings will cause them to think twice.  ROH probably can't afford Matt Hardy's price tag, but even if they could, they aren't that stupid.

Matt Hardy in his latest effort to rehabilitate his image has issued a YouTube video entitled "Apologies, Reflections, And Decisions", which can be seen after the jump.  Of note from that video:

  • Matt appears with two black eyes presumably caused by him collapsing down the stairs at the end of a drug fuelled psychosis where he trashed his house and blamed it on ghosts.
  • The apology is as fake as his fake suicide note video because Matt blames people for misinterpreting that video when people interpreted it exactly as he meant it to be.
  • He leads people to believe that all the strange behaviour before he was hospitalised was not caused by drugs, but by "very severe head and brain trauma" he suffered in four recent accidents.  But have no fear, "the CAT scans, the MRIs, they all came back fine" and he will be perfectly healed from that trauma.
  • In a bid to elicit sympathy, he then announced his retirement as a full time wrestler due to long term hip and back injuries.  This, of course, is completely unrelated to WWE not wanting to touch him with a rusty barge pole.
  • He claims that in response to the totally unexpected reaction to his fake suicide note video that he wants to start a program for people dealing with suicidal thoughts, depression and addiction, which will probably turn out to be a false promise or a scam.
  • Since the video was published, Matt has been pushing hard on Twitter his subscriber website, so it seems that his apology was designed to sure up his diehard fan base and make sure they keep buying his "reality" show DVDs. I feel sorry for the few fans he has left, as Matt clearly sees them as dumb marks to be sapped of every last penny while he continues to try and play teen heartthrob.

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