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Catfight! Bella Twins go on Twitter rant over perceived insults in kayfabe article

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I've taken some heat since taking over the site one month ago for my stance on women in the professional wrestling world. It's not that I don't believe they deserve a spot so much as I find it laughable how much abuse they tolerate just for all of two minutes of TV time. I'm sure most of them would agree. Honestly, when was the last time any of the Divas were involved in a memorable angle that didn't involve some form of cheap exploitation? That being said, they are and will continue to have their spot with the WWE, no matter how small and insignificant it may be.

Which brings me to today and an article that was posted on the WWE website that has a few of the Divas all up in a fuss. Here's an excerpt:

Stinkfaces. Booty poppin'. If you're a purist about a woman's place inside the WWE ring, you might be wondering what Fabulous Moolah is thinking looking down on the Divas division. Would the iconic figure chalk up the current flux of the division on changing times, or would she say, "Someone needs to save this"?

Beth Phoenix and Natalya, the "Divas of Doom," think so. However, are The Glamazon and third-generation Diva just the two women to call "saviors"?


How are these "model" Divas getting their names etched in the history books? Do only "pretty faces," as according to Beth Phoenix and Natalya matter?

The post is written in kayfabe and one would think any and all reactions to it, at least by the talent employed by WWE, would come in the same manner. But that's not how it's gone down.

Among those that are the most upset and have voiced their displeasure the loudest and with the most vigor are the Bella twins, Nikki and Brie. They read the above article and immediately took to Twitter to voice their collective displeasure on their joint account. Nikki kicked things off:

"Wow @WWE definitely woke up 2 an embarrassing article you wrote... Well u wanted to know everyone's thoughts @WWEUniverse, Here's Nikki B's ... First off.... Um you want me to slap you with all of my awards and championships I have won? I was a #1 athlete... Which other Diva was? ... Secondly, Bri & @RealKellyKelly have been the only entertainment that has happened 2 the Diva's Division & have worked harder than anyone! ... Thirdly, I've seen 2 girls the past few weeks try as hard as they can to be "models" while us "models" have busted our butts..... ... Oh and good luck with the up and coming Divas.... Sure you'll make a lot of money with them.... Um actually NOT! ... Lastly, @RealKellyKelly & Us are better than anyone in the past so Katie Raymond check your self and come read this article to my face! NB."

Overreact much?

That's actually not that bad and in and of itself, can simply be explained away as nothing more than part of a prearranged reaction to a post that was designed to rile folks up and draw interest. That is until you read Brie's reaction, where she publicly questions the release of a few Divas that aren't exactly held in highest esteem in Stamford at the moment.

Here's what she said:

"Wow, I just woke up to the craziness! The words spoken by Katie are laughable, but I'm a women who will stand for what I believe ... I know what I've given to the fans and that's all what matters. WWE might think your a bunch of puppets that are persuaded by their words.. ... I know how you all feel :) good and bad, I love it! I mean if WWE cared about Divas why do we have such little time on tv? ... Why were divas such as Mickey James, Melina and Gail Kim released. Why aren't wrestlers like Sara Del Ray hired? All amazing!....... ... Kelly Kelly and myself have worked to hard to have an unknown, untalented writer say the things she did. Katie (whoever) Suck it! Love Brie."

Again, this is a reaction to an article that was written in kayfabe. Admittedly enough, it's a lot more of a challenge for the Divas to garner the same respect as the men in the business but this certainly doesn't help matters. Not to mention, why bother bringing up Mickie James, Melina and Gail Kim? All that will serve to do is piss off the people in power that can actually help further these women's careers. Not that they will or have any desire to, but convincing them was just made a lot more difficult than before.

When Melina is telling you to hold your tongue, that's when you know you're going too far:

"@thebellatwins You know I love you but everyone needs to seriously calm down and think before tweeting. This is not worth it."

Yep. That just happened. 

In the end, the voice of reason, perhaps unsurprisingly enough, was none other than CM Punk, who tweeted the following in response to the article and the backlash it received:

"So wait. The divas are mad about an in house article on that is potentially designed to garner them attention/TV time? Awesome."

Awesome, indeed.

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