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Gail Kim's profile removed from WWE website almost two months after she quit the company

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Almost two full months ago, Gail Kim quit WWE. Or at least she said that's what she was doing but she was never officially released by the promotion and her profile remained on the company website.

Until today.

Kim was finally completely removed and that would seem to signify that WWE has cut ties with the Diva that was terribly unhappy with the way she was booked throughout her time there. Indeed, she tweeted just today:

"Yeah I guess they're slow. Cuffs shouldve been off last week."

Kim's problems began when she openly complained on her Twitter account about her treatment and how she wasn't being used as well as she would have liked. Naturally, the powers that be weren't happy about this and she was booked to be eliminated in short order during a Diva's battle royal back on the Aug. 1 episode of Raw.

Instead of allowing anyone to eliminate her, she simply rolled out of the ring and walked to the back. After admitting she did so on purpose, she claimed she was just checking to see if anyone was paying attention. No one appeared to be as the commentary team treated it like just another elimination. Kim would go on to say that she wasn't being a bitter mark for herself but did assert that she was told to get out in less than a minute so she "did it the fastest way possible."

This, again, landed her in even hotter water but before WWE could pull the trigger and fire her outright, she quit the company and hasn't been heard from since. Whatever had WWE dragging its feet to make the move official seems to have been worked out.

Kim is now scheduled to do a live, interactive shoot interview on on Oct. 12.

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